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The Damage Carpenter Ants Cause

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Have you ever seen a carpenter ant? Do you know what it feels like to have a carpenter ant accidentally crawl onto your skin? Have you ever been freaked out because something was crawling on you, only to realize that the bug you brushed off your body was just a big black ant? It is a relief, isn't it? You're expecting something dangerous or scary, but it's just a harmless ant. That's how most of us think of ants. Harmless. In fact, the only type of ant we typically view as dangerous are fire ants. So, for most people, ants aren't very frightening pests. Sure, they're annoying and no one wants them living in their home. But, let's be honest, ants don't scare us. That is one of the biggest reasons that carpenter ants get away with destroying our homes. We don't take them seriously. Let's take a look at a few reasons why we should!

You are probably aware that carpenter ants damage wood. They chew galleries in wood and wooden items in order to establish their nests inside. If they decide to establish their colonies in the wood of your home, this can lead to many problems. While these insects typically target moist and rotting wood first, they will also feed on sound timbers. If they tunnel into your home’s support beams, it can cause cascading damage throughout the entire structure. Over time, your floors will begin to sink, your walls will start to bulge, and your ceilings will begin to sag. In addition, your windows will begin to open and close without any resistance or become stuck in place and your doors will start to drag on the floor instead of opening freely. When these kinds of damages begin to appear, it is too late to safeguard your equity. To cause damage to that extent, these ants have to infest your home for years. And most of those damages will be done inside the wood of your home, out of sight. So when dealing with these pests, all you’ll be able to do is address the damages you can see.

Early Detection

  • Inspect fence posts for areas of smooth, carved damage. This damage will be found closer to the ground with newer fencing.

  • Check moist locations for carpenter ants activity, especially areas where vegetation is present. Carpenter ants feed on aphids and the honeydew aphids produce which are primarily found around areas with lots of plants.

  • Inspect any wooden objects in your yard for the presence of carpenter ants or carpenter ant damage. This might be the border around a flower bed, a large chunk of wood used as a seat around your backyard fire pit, a hot tub enclosure, etc.

  • Inspect stacked wood and construction materials. Carpenter ants are particularly attracted to firewood.

  • Check your shed and the outbuildings on your property for carpenter ant activity. These structures are sometimes built with lumber that is untreated or unpainted, which makes the wood particularly interesting to these ants.

  • Examine stumps on your property for signs of carpenter ant damage.

  • Keep an eye out for scout ants crawling around inside your home. If you only see one ant every once in a while, that does not mean you are dealing with a small infestation. The appearance of one ant can actually be an indication of a large infestation in your home that you need to address.

There are many ants that are known to invade homes, but carpenter ants are by far the most destructive. In fact, they cost U.S. property owners hundreds of millions of dollars in repairs every year! But you don't have to be a part of that statistic. Partnering with a pest control professional is the most effective way to protect your home from these damaging ants. A professional pest control plan will work to detect and eliminate these wood-destroying insects while also safeguarding your health and property from wasps, ticks, fleas, rodents, cockroaches, termites, and other harmful pests.

If you live in the Pennsylvania or Lumberton County, NJ, let the QuailtyPro-Certified team at Moyer Pest Control help keep those pests in their place! We are a Copesan Pest Solutions Partner and a Lead-Safe Certified Firm. When it comes to controlling pests in residential and commercial environments, Moyer Pest Control is an industry leader! For more information about the pests we treat for and the programs we offer, give us a call today!

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