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Stink Bug Control

Best known for the terrible smell they emit when threatened or killed, stink bugs (brown marmorated stink bugs) are becoming a major problem across Pennsylvania. Inadvertently introduced to the United States from China and Japan via shipping crates, stink bugs have flourished in the eastern United States. In fact, the first known report of these fruit and vegetable plant feeding pests was recorded in Allentown in 1998. By 2010, they had become season-long pest in orchards. Today, they are commonly found locally throughout our service area.

As nights grow cooler in September and October, adult stink bugs, which can live up to a year, seek out warm shelter where they spend winter in a state of hibernation, called overwintering.

Their shelter tends to be our homes. They usually enter buildings through small openings around windows, doors and air conditioning units. They also gain entry under shingles and through openings in the soffit. Inside, they can be seen on walls, around windows, and in the folds of curtains, laundry and bedding.

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The Moyer Solution For Stink Bugs

To help prevent or minimize a stink bug infestation, homeowners can take these four steps:

  • Keep doors and windows closed

  • Replace or repair torn screens

  • Seal and caulk small openings around your home

  • Weather strip around windows and doors

Moyer Indoor | Outdoor offers two effective stink bug treatments, from late August through October, that significantly cuts the number of stink bugs that may invade your Pennsylvania home. Treatments focus on the exterior of your home, eliminating risks to your family. These treatments employ micro-encapsulated materials that release over time for a longer lasting effect.

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