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Souderton Resident's Complete Guide To Yellow Jacket Control

Are yellow jackets pollinators? Do yellow jackets leave stingers? For Souderton residents, here's a complete guide to yellow jackets. We will cover their behavior and what threat they pose, how to get rid of a yellow jacket nest, and how pest control in Souderton can help you get rid of yellow jackets that may be terrorizing your yard. 

Is This A Yellow Jacket?

So, you've spotted what looks like a wasp or a wasp nest on your property, but how do you know it's a yellow jacket? Fortunately, a yellow jacket's appearance differs from other stinging insects quite a bit, which makes them easier to identify on sight.

These critters have segmented bodies and thin waists, a black-and-yellow pattern, six legs, and elongated wings.

Here are a few other key facts that can help you recognize the behavior of a yellow jacket when you encounter one:

  • Yellow jackets build paper-like nests from saliva and chewed up cellulose and prefer to build their nests in the ground if they can. Other possible locations for yellow jacket nests include under decks or porches.
  • Unlike honeybees, a yellow jacket's stinger doesn't detach when they sting someone, so they can attack you repeatedly and often do.
  • Yellow jackets are aggressive defenders of their nest, and when they face a threat, they release pheromones that signal to other yellow jackets that they need help. This is also why yellow jackets often attack in swarms versus just a single wasp.

Unfortunately, their aggressive behavior and swarm attacks are why yellow jackets can be incredibly dangerous to have on your property.

up close image of a yellow jacket crawling on a picnic table

Are Yellow Jackets Aggressive?

Yellow jackets are more aggressive than other kinds of wasps. They are territorial and are quick to sting. Not only will yellow jackets sting repeatedly, but they will also swarm. Yellow jackets are especially aggressive in the fall as food sources become scarce. One excellent way to trigger one or multiple stings is to approach a yellow jacket nest which it will fiercely defend.

Yellow Jacket Behavior And Potential Threats

Are yellow jackets aggressive? Yes, they are. Yellow jackets aren't the friendliest pests you'll encounter and tend to be considered aggressive – even for wasps. Their lance-like stingers have tiny barbs that allow them to sting their prey as many times as they want without consequence.

Because they're aggressive defenders of their nests, stumbling upon a yellow jacket nest can quickly become dangerous for anyone. People with allergies to bee stings may have a severe reaction to yellow jacket stings, but facing a swarm of yellow jackets can become a serious health concern even if you're not allergic. Not only can they inject their venom as much as they want, but yellow jackets attack in swarms.

Yellow jackets build their nests in protected spots – like in trees, bushes, or holes in the ground – which means that many homeowners don't realize they've got a yellow jacket infestation until it's too late.

How To Get Rid Of A Yellow Jacket Nest

Given their aggressive nature, an encounter with yellow jackets can quickly go south, especially if you inadvertently run into a nest. Many homeowners may turn to insecticides or home remedies, like using boiling water, to eliminate the nest – but you won't kill every wasp, and you're likely to make yourself their next target.

If you do think your property has a yellow jacket nest, here's what you should do:

  1. Don't try to approach the nest on your own, even if you think it is abandoned.
  2. If you have pets or children, bring them inside or supervise their outdoor time to ensure they don't go near the nest.
  3. Let other people you live with know about the nest, and if you have neighbors nearby, you may want to warn them as well.
  4. Contact a local pest control professional like Moyer Pest Control for total yellow jacket elimination.

Given their aggressive nature, it's always better to be safe than sorry around yellow jackets and their nests. 

Moyer Pest Control: Effective Yellow Jacket Control In Souderton

If there's one pest that you don't want to ignore, it's the yellow jacket. Once they discover a yellow jacket nest on their property, some Souderton homeowners might make the mistake of attempting to deal with it on their own – but trying to handle a nest on your own is often ineffective and extremely dangerous.

Given how aggressive they are, your safest option is to leave yellow jacket control up to the professionals – like those of us at Moyer Pest Control. Our specialists not only have the training and experience to effectively rid your property of yellow jackets, but we have the gear to do it safely as well.

At Moyer Pest Control, we'll find the root of your yellow jacket problem, and then we'll put preventative measures in place to ensure these wasps don't make a reappearance. If you've discovered a yellow jacket nest on your Souderton property, or you just suspect that there may be one, don't hesitate to contact us today to learn more about our home pest control and commercial pest control services

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