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Souderton PA Pest Control

Souderton, Pennsylvania; a Classic Town

Souderton Pennsylvania is most assuredly a classic town. So much so that it has been recognized and listed as one of the ‘Classic Towns of Greater Pennsylvania’ by the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission. The criteria for a ‘Classic Town’ are described on their website, www.classictowns.org, as

“Vibrant residential neighborhoods, diverse architecture, bustling business and entertainment districts, and remarkable recreational opportunities make Classic Towns of Greater Philadelphia communities where you can live the good life.”

This certainly describes Souderton precisely. With a deep history as a successful borough, this Pennsylvania community is one of tight knit roots and eyes focused on the future. The timeless feel of family, tradition and town abounds here. Situated near Philadelphia, and accessible to New York and Washington D.C. public transportation, Souderton is a perfect spot to live and vacation. Unfortunately, insects and rodents also caught on to the advantages of living in Souderton and often cause problems for both homes and businesses. And that's where Moyer Indoor | Outdoor of Souderton, PA comes in. With an office located right in Souderton, our pest control team is here to help with professional, reliable and friendly service.

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home in souderton infested with pests

Pest Control Services for Homes In Souderton PA

Even here in a classic town like Souderton, PA pests can become an issue without proper pest services. Here at Moyer, we have the know-how and tools to keep your Souderton home free of ants, mice and other household pests. Our home pest control program offers homeowners three levels of protection to choose from starting as low as $25 per month. Learn more about our home pest services now!.

termite infestation in a souderton home

Fighting Termites In Souderton With Technology & Tradition

Termites can chew their way into a new house, old house, classic home or business quickly and quietly; causing millions of dollars each year. These silent destroyers are a concerning thought for many people. Everyone wants to know how to keep them away and how to tell if they have already arrived. Here at Moyer Indoor | Outdoor we have been fighting the battle against termites in since 1869! That’s almost 150 years of experience and knowledge behind every property that we handle. Termites don’t stand a chance against us. We utilize that latest technology in prevention, detection and elimination mixed with our irrefutable field experience to bring Souderton, PA the best in termite control.

bed bug dog in souderton pa

Sniffing out Bed Bugs With Help From A Trained Bed Bug Dog

Bed bugs are a concern for any town in the United States and Souderton, PA is no exception. They can be anywhere that people live and play. They are small nocturnal insects that can go months without eating and can survive in a wide array of environments. All of these factors make them hard to detect and even harder to eliminate. Here at Moyer Indoor | Outdoor we have the best and most reliable detection method available, our bed bug dog Scout. Scout is a specially trained beagle who can sniff out bed bugs in any type of setting no matter where they may be hiding. This is crucial to the treatment of bed bugs. Eliminating bed bugs is hard, but not impossible with the help of Moyer Indoor | Outdoor.

commercial facility infested with pests

Helping Souderton Businesses is our Business

Here at Moyer Indoor | Outdoor we believe that helping our neighbors is very important. Our neighbors live, play and eat in the same places that we do. We want our restaurants, schools, hospitals, grocery stores, retail stores and homes to be pest free just like you do. We are proud to say that we provide commercial pest control services to neighboring businesses in Souderton that help these companies to be more profitable and successful. By taking this large concern of pest control off from management's shoulders we allow them to focus on other aspects of growing and maintaining a business. Keep your Souderton business pest free with the help of Moyer Indoor | Outdoor.

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Almost a Decade and a Half of Experience and Service

1869 was over a lifetime ago. Almost one hundred and fifty years ago Moyer Indoor | Outdoor (formerly known as Moyer & Son) was established. There is no indoor or outdoor issue that we haven’t seen. Our expertly trained technicians can protect both your home and business from pests. As well as we offer lawn, tree, shrub, pool and spa care. When it comes to landscaping we also offer landscape lighting and lawn and garden irrigation. On the indoor side of things, we offer service for plumbing, heating, air conditioning, water quality, radon protection and heating fuels. We mix today’s technological advancements with our tradition of knowledge and service to bring Souderton, PA only the best in service. Contact us today and see how our experience can help you!

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"They did a termite application all around the foundation of the house. They were excellent. They were on time. They answered all my questions. The plugs are barely visible. They had to pick up some flagstone and then replace. It was a great experience."

P. Holt