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Professional Pest Control In Souderton, PA 

Souderton, PA, is the image of a quintessential American town. It has been recognized as a 'Classic Town of Greater Pennsylvania' by the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission. With a deep history and even deeper friendships, the community prides itself on its tight-knit roots and eyes focused on the future. 

Conveniently located near Philadelphia, Souderton is an ideal place to live, work, and play. But insects, rodents, spiders, mosquitoes, and pests of all kinds have also discovered a high quality of life in Souderton. What's a home or business owner to do? 

That's where Moyer Pest Control of Souderton comes in. With an office located in the heart of the city, our highly trained pest control operatives are standing by to take care of all your pest control needs with professional, reliable, and friendly service. Call today for a free estimate, or submit an online contact form to connect with a local representative.


Residential Pest Control In Souderton, PA

Even with the best preventative measures, things that creep, crawl, bite, or sting can become an issue for your Souderton home. Here at Moyer Pest Control, we pride ourselves on providing innovative methods that keep homes free of household pests. 

Our affordable home pest control programs in Souderton include three levels of residential pest protection, each catering to your unique needs. 

  1. Exterior Home Guard for common area pests, including a 100% pest free guarantee 
  2. Complete Home Guard to defend against indoor and outdoor invaders on a seasonal basis (four times a year) 
  3. Platinum Home Guard for homeowners who need a little something extra, with six visits and dozens of unique pest type protections

Learn more about the residential pest control services offered by Moyer Pest Control by contacting us today! 

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Commercial Pest Control In Souderton, PA 

Moyer Pest Control has built our mission around our founding core principles. Helping business owners help each other is the crux of what we strive to do. Our clients run and operate businesses in the same places that we do. We want our local restaurants, schools, hospitals, and retail stores to be well-maintained, inviting, and most of all, pest-free. 

Moyer Pest Control is proud to provide commercial pest control services for all Souderton neighbors, including: 

  • Healthcare Facilities 
  • Office Buildings 
  • Food Services & Restaurants 
  • Retail Strip Malls 
  • Educational Buildings & Universities 
  • HOAs & Property Management Groups 

By providing solutions for hundreds of businesses around Souderton, we allow local professionals to focus on other aspects of growing and maintaining their business. Keep your Souderton business pest-free with the help of Moyer Pest Control. 


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Four Ways To Help Prevent Termite Damage To Your Souderton Property 

Termites chew through homes, businesses, and untreated buildings every year, costing U.S. home and business owners billions. These silent destroyers require proper pest control services for preventative treatments and immediate elimination if they've already arrived on your property. 

Below are four of the best ways to prevent termite damage from occurring on your Souderton property: 

  1. Have your home pre-treated against termite activity. 
  2. Remove all landscape mulching, replacing it with rubber or stone. 
  3. Stack firewood piles at least 25 feet away from the walls of your house. 
  4. Manage indoor humidity with help from a dehumidifier. 

Here at Moyer Pest Control, we work hard to bring you the latest termite prevention, detection, and elimination technology. We offer Souderton only the very best in termite control. To get started with termite control services for your property, reach out to us today! 


Bed Bug Control: A Practical Guide For Souderton Homeowners 

The bed bug crisis is a potential problem for homeowners all across Pennsylvania, including Souderton. These blood-drinking insects can go months without eating and thrive in a wide variety of environments. These factors make bed bugs difficult to detect and even more difficult to eliminate. 

Here's a quick and easy practical guide for bed bug control in Souderton: 

  • Wash all clothing on the highest heat setting, particularly after traveling. Every article should be washed, including items you didn't wear. 
  • Check overnight lodgings for signs of bed bug activity. Feeding blotches, exoskeletons, and sweet odors are just a few of the most common signs. 
  • Consider getting annual bed bug inspections from Moyer Pest Control. 

Eliminating bed bugs is hard but not impossible. Moyer Pest Control brings only the best and most reliable detection methods available. Let our award-winning team give you peace of mind and a pest-free home through effective bed bug control solutions. Call today to schedule an inspection! 


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