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Souderton Food-Processing Plants' #1 enemy: The German Cockroach

Public Enemy Number One

There are many businesses that can be impacted by cockroaches. Food-processing plants are on the top of the list. Cockroaches are dirty pests that should never be allowed near sensitive locations. They climb around in sewers, dumpsters, and in the rotting organic matter in drains and crevices. This exposes them to bacteria, parasitic worms, human pathogens, and other harmful organisms.

Today, we're looking at one species of cockroach in particular; the German cockroach. Of all the roaches that can get into Souderton food-processing plants, this one is public enemy number one. Here's why.

two german cockroaches crawling on a food processing plant floor in souderton pennsylvania

4 Reasons German Cockroaches Are The Worst 

  • German cockroaches easily adapt to living in man-made structures and are widely considered to be the most successful structure-infesting insect in the world. It isn't just the most successful cockroach. It beats out all the other insects that infest structures. Why is this? Because, as a cockroach, it has the ability to develop a chemical-resistant skin and is able to withstand incomplete pest control treatment programs. While other cockroaches can do this as well, they are less likely to stay in structures, predominantly. Most cockroaches prefer levels of humidity that are not commonly found in food processing plants. This put German cockroaches in a category all their own.

  • German cockroaches are small. While not the smallest pest cockroach (that distinction goes to the brown banded cockroach), it is the smallest cockroaches with the greatest propensity for getting into man-made structures and staying. An adult German cockroach ranges in size from ½ to ⅝ of an inch long. Their small size and their ability to compact their bodies to squeeze through tight gaps makes them a formidable pest to exclude. But it gets worse. An immature nymph is so small it can pass through the holes on an electrical outlet. Once these cockroaches infest your food-processing plant, they will have easy access to most locations.

  • German cockroaches can fly. While they are admittedly terrible at flying, they can fly short distances. This gives them the ability to get into some places other cockroaches can't.

  • German cockroaches reproduce quickly. Some studies indicate that they are faster than American cockroaches and Oriental cockroaches, which are their two closest competitors when it comes to pest infestations. But putting aside who is faster, there is no doubt that German cockroaches reproduce at an alarming rate. A female German cockroach never stops breeding and she is inspired to breed more quickly when she frequently touches other cockroaches. That means, the more cockroaches there are, the faster they will breed. In her 100 days of life, a female German cockroach can lay as many as 400 eggs. It is estimated that a pair of German cockroaches can reproduce 10,000 offspring in a single year!

Commercial Pest Control Addresses German Cockroaches

When you have a commercial pest control program you can trust, you'll get the control you need for German cockroaches. Routine inspections, treatments and training will keep your facility up to code and cockroach-free. Consistent monitoring and ongoing treatments keep German cockroaches outside of your facility. If they ever find a way in, a commercial pest control program gives you fast access to a pest management professional who is familiar with your facility and its particular vulnerabilities. 

Why Choose Moyer For Commercial Pest Control In Souderton 

If you want the highest level of commercial pest control, you can count on the QualityPro Certified team at Moyer Pest Control. Our licensed service professionals are expertly-trained and backed by a team that has the experience and credentials necessary to ensure you get the results you're looking for. We can help you protect your products and your brand from the harmful impact of German cockroaches and other pests that spread bacteria and diseases.

For more information or to schedule a consultation with one of our pest control experts, reach out to us today. Moyer is a full-service company. We can provide all the services you need to protect your food-processing plant and protect your bottom line. We look forward to working with you.   

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