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Skippack, PA Pest Control

Pest Control In Skippack, PA 

With a population of just under 3,800 people, Skippack, PA, is rich with history and is home to dozens of unique restaurants and businesses. Local businesses have banded together to create 'Skippack First Fridays," which encourages people to come and rediscover the wonder of this little community. While this helped the local economy, your Montgomery County pest control needs have skyrocketed. At Moyer Pest Control, we are committed to keeping Skippack homes and businesses pest-free year-round.


Residential Pest Control In Skippack

Healthy communities start with healthy homes. Since 1869, the Moyer family has been contributing to public health by providing Skippack residents with the highest-quality residential pest control and lawn services in Montgomery County. Our residential pest control comes in three suites:

  • Exterior Home Guard
  • Complete Home Guard
  • Platinum Home Guard

Finding that pests have invaded your home can be a frustrating experience. At Moyer Pest Control, our expert technicians have the tools needed to eliminate your pest problems efficiently and quickly. In addition, they will also work with you to implement prevention strategies that keep your home pest-free long after they've left. If pests have set up shop in your home, give us a call -- we'll kick them out for you!

skippack pa pest control

Commercial Pest Control In Skippack

A pest infestation in your place of business turns your life into a public relations nightmare. Not only can your hard-earned reputation plummet, but you could have a loss of revenue and expose your employees and patrons to harmful diseases. At Moyer Pest Control, we provide the following establishments with top-quality commercial pest control services. 

  • Property management
  • Food processing
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Restaurants 
  • Retail facilities
  • Warehousing

At Moyer Pest Control, we treat your case with the urgency it deserves by providing Saturday and after-hours assistance because we understand that pests don't wait for core business hours to strike. In addition to high service standards and competitive reporting, our commercial pest control services are second to none in Montgomery County. Don't let pests throw a wrench in your operations -- give us a call today!


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The Best Protection From Dangerous Mosquitoes In Skippack 

Nothing ruins an outdoor activity quite like mosquitoes. Unfortunately, these obnoxious pests are more than annoying -- they can be harmful to your health as well. Prevention is the best medicine for mosquitoes, so consider the following tips to repel them from your yard:

  • Remove standing water: Mosquitoes love still water. Reconsider installing ponds and still water pools, as this will only attract more mosquitoes. Remove any buckets or other receptacles that have collected rainwater, and regularly clean your gutters.
  • Remove potted plants: Moving these potted plants inside your house will reduce the appeal of your Skippack yard, forcing them to look elsewhere for an outdoor area to infest.
  • Spread coffee grounds: If you can't remove the standing water from your yard, try scattering coffee grounds near them, this will force any present mosquito eggs to rise to the surface, depriving them of oxygen, killing the larvae, and preventing more mosquitoes from invading your yard.
  • Call the pros at Moyer Pest Control!

At Moyer Pest Control, we specialize in treating Skippack yards and preventing dangerous mosquitoes from reproducing there. Call us today to get on the books and take back your outdoor summer plans!


How To Keep Flea Problems In Skippack To A Minimum This Summer 

Fleas are notorious pests and extremely difficult to get rid of once they arrive. As with mosquitoes, preventing them is easier than getting rid of them. Below are some tips to keep your flea problems to a minimum this summer:

  • Wash bedding frequently: Regularly wash your bedding and your pet's bedding with hot water and soap, as this will help kill any flea eggs that are present.
  • Vacuum often: Another way to destroy flea eggs is to vacuum and sweep frequently. By doing this, you suck up and remove the eggs and larvae that have hatched, making it harder for a flea infestation to take hold in your home.
  • Proper veterinarian care: Because pets are an easy target for fleas, one way to avoid an infestation is to ensure you are giving your pets proper veterinarian care. Your vet will help you determine the best products to treat your pet, making them less appealing to fleas.

Should fleas find their way inside your home, give us a call at Moyer Pest Control. Our highly trained technicians will root out the source of your problems and exterminate the fleas in their entirety, preventing them from restarting the infestation. Give us a call today!


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