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Seven Quick Tips To Keep Spiders Out Of Your West Chester Home

We have a wide selection of spiders that get into our West Chester homes. Most, like the American spider, and the wolf spider, won't do more than live a small itchy welt on your skin. Some, like the long-bodied cellar spider, are unable to bite you at all. But there are two that present a concern: the black widow spider and the brown recluse spider. These two have a venom that is considered medically important. You could find yourself heading to the hospital if one of these spiders bites you. But no matter what spiders you're finding in your home, life is a whole lot nicer without creepy pests. So, today we're going to offer up seven tips to help you keep spiders out of your West Chester home.

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Spider control begins with moisture control. Why? Because there are many bugs that are drawn to moisture, and spiders eat bugs. If you want fewer spiders around your home, you need to reduce moisture pests.

  • Clean your gutters.

  • Repair gutters, downspouts, and splash blocks.

  • Remove organic debris from your perimeter.

  • Trim tree canopy to let the sunlight in.

  • Water your plants in the morning, rather than at night.

Standing Water

Puddles and containers can provide a watering hole for spiders. Keep in mind that water is a building block of life. All living creatures need it. If you provide this resource, spiders will take notice.


Another food source that will attract spiders is flying insects, and many flying insects are attracted to light. If you reduce lights at night, you can reduce insect populations. There are a few things to consider when applying this spider-management method:

  • Refrain from turning off lights where it may be a security issue.

  • You may keep lights on that are away from your exterior.

  • You can achieve some positive results by replacing white lights with yellow lights. Yellow lights are far less attractive to insects.

  • Keep your curtains drawn at night to keep light from spilling out.


Many insects are attracted to rotting organic material. These insects are another source of food for spiders. You can reduce these insects in some of the following ways:

  • Remove trash from your property weekly.

  • Clean trash receptacles at least once a year.

  • Keep your trash in covered receptacles.

  • Dispose of any dead wildlife.

  • Pick up any sources of rotting organic matter, such as fruit, berries, leftover food from a cookout, etc.

  • If you have compost, be sure to maintain a proper mixture.


Spiders hide in voids. There are a variety of ways you can provide hiding places for spiders. Here are just a few examples:

  • Remove unnecessary lawn clutter.

  • Move woodpiles to at least 20 feet from your exterior.

  • Fill in ground holes.

Web Removal

A single web can have hundreds of spider eggs in it. When those eggs hatch, you'll have hundreds of spiderlings crawling around on your property. It is best to clean webs up and dispose of them.

Seal Entry Points

Once you've addressed attractants and reduced the spider population around your home, it is time to seal potential points of entry. Here are a few common entry points spiders take advantage of:

  • Damaged screens.

  • Holes in door and window frames.

  • Gaps around door and window frames.

  • Gaps around pipes.

  • Gaps where door sweeps are missing or damaged.

  • Gaps in weatherstripping around doors.

  • Damaged soffits and rooflines.

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