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Pest Control For Schnecksville, PA

A small suburb of Allentown in the Lehigh Valley region of Pennsylvania, Schnecksville is an old community. With our historic dairy farms and our location amid the state’s lush watersheds, Schnecksville is a beautiful place to live. But even pretty places attract pests, so it pays to know how you can prevent an infestation on your property.


Home Pest Control In Schnecksville, PA

The terrifying reality is that pest problems are a lot more common than you might think. Even clean homes can attract them because everyday human activity creates the conditions that pests look for. That’s why it’s important to know the ways you can reduce your risk of a pest infestation, and act quickly to eliminate problems as they pop up:

  • Food Storage: The most important thing you can do around your home to keep pests out is to ensure that there aren’t food sources lying around for them to eat. This includes proper food storage and regular deep cleaning for crumbs and spills.

  • Trash Storage: It’s also important for people to pay attention to their trash cans since pests can thrive off the scraps we toss in the garbage. Ensure your bins are inaccessible and stored in smart locations around your property.

  • Inspections: While it’s good to inspect your property for signs of pests, experts know all the secret hiding places. Contact your local pest control experts to have a trained professional check your home.

  • Treatment: At Moyer Pest Control, we offer treatments of your home that provide the best possible protection against pest infestations. Contact us today to learn more.

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Commercial Pest Control Solutions In Schnecksville, PA

Even businesses can be targeted by pests. In fact, some businesses act as even more attractive targets because they have enough food lying around to feed hundreds of customers a day. There are also plenty of other factors that can attract pests to a business. Here are some of the problems they open your commercial property up to:

  • Damage: Pests can damage your property in all kinds of ways, from chewing through packaging to leaving behind stains. Pest infestations tend to be costly, not just to remove but to repair afterward.

  • Disease: Pests also carry nasty illnesses that you don’t want to expose your employees or clients to.

  • Closure And Fines: Because of these dangers, health authorities take pest control seriously. The discovery of pests in your business can lead to forced closures and/or fines.


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4 Tips For Backyard Mosquito Control In Schnecksville, PA

Anyone with a backyard has probably had to suffer the buzzing, biting nuisance of mosquitoes before. But did you know these parasites are considered some of the most dangerous pests around? Not only are their feeding habits gross—sucking blood from humans and animals— mosquitoes are known to carry dangerous diseases like ebola and West Nile virus. That’s why it’s better to work toward protecting your yard from mosquitoes in the first place, rather than reacting to a problem after it’s already there. Here are some of the best ways to accomplish this:

1. Landscaping: Mosquitoes land on tall grasses or overgrown leaves to rest until food sources (people or animals) wander by that they can feed on. Keeping your yard trimmed will reduce harborage areas.

2. Plant Selection/Location: Did you know that only female mosquitoes bite? Males instead feed on pollen, so they will be attracted to flowering plants just like bees are. Where there are mosquito males, females naturally follow.

3. Moisture Control: Mosquitoes like moist areas and need them to lay their watery egg clusters. Yards with water features or improper drainage are more attractive targets.

4. Treatments: The best way to keep all kinds of dangerous pests out of your yard is with professional treatments. These eliminate existing swarms and prevent future invasion.

For mosquito control services you can count on, contact Moyer Pest Control.


How To Tell If Your Schnecksville, PA Home Has Bed Bugs

Now it’s time to talk about a different kind of parasitic pest. While bed bugs aren’t known to spread any diseases like mosquitoes, they are still considered disgusting health hazards. They are also common to find inside homes. Unfortunately, most people don’t know all the places bed bugs are found, let alone how to deal with an infestation once it’s discovered. Instead of trying to eliminate or look for bed bugs on your own, you should instead contact the professionals right away. At Moyer Pest Control, we offer you fast and effective relief from a bed bug infestation. That said, here are some factors you should take into account:

  • Location: Bed bugs aren’t just found in beds. Instead, they can infest any areas with linens or cushioning, including clothing and other furniture.
  • Hotspots: Bed bugs go where the people are, so packed public spaces tend to be magnets for them. Places like hospitals, hotels, and transit stations are all considered bed bug hotspots, where people unwittingly pick them up and bring them back home.
  • Used Items: Carefully inspect any used items you purchase or acquire for bed bugs, or their cream-colored eggs before you bring them into your home.

For bed bug control you can count on, call Moyer Pest Control.


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