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Pest Control For Richboro, PA

Moyer Pest Control maintains a longstanding tradition of protecting Pennsylvania properties from the negative consequences of pest invasions. We are committed to our customers and committed to the pest control industry.

Established in 1869 our roots are deep in the communities that we serve, including Richboro, Pennsylvania. We are proud to help this small community’s home and business owners protect their properties from being damaged by pests through our wide range of pest control services. Guard your Richboro residential or commercial property against pests with the help of the area’s leading pest control experts, Moyer Pest Control!


Residential Pest Control In Richboro, PA

Pests are a year-round problem for Richboro homeowners, with each season of the year bringing a new batch of pests to annoy you and your family and to enter into your home to cause chaos. To prevent pest problems in and around your home throughout the entire year, partner with Moyer Pest Control and our home pest control programs. We offer three programs to help meet the varying needs of Richboro homeowners. Our Exterior Guard program includes 4 services every other month in season. Our Complete Home Guard program includes four quarterly service visits per year: 3 exterior and 1 interior. And our most comprehensive program, our Platinum Home Guard program, offers six scheduled service visits every other month to target the active pests of the season. To learn more about our three home pest control programs, including the exact services included, contact us today. We would love to help you decide which program is the right program to protect your home and family from common area pests!

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Are Mosquitoes In Richboro, PA Dangerous?

At Moyer we are often asked the question, “Are mosquitoes in Pennsylvania really that dangerous?” The answer to this common question is yes. Mosquitoes living throughout Pennsylvania including in Richboro are very dangerous. Mosquitoes feed on the blood of a wide variety of people, pets, and animals, allowing them to expose people to many serious diseases including West Nile Virus and Encephalitis. In addition to the diseases they spread, let’s face it, mosquitoes are a huge annoyance: their constant biting can make it impossible to enjoy your outdoor space with family and friends. Moyer offers an effective mosquito-management plan to reduce mosquito numbers and to reduce you and your family’s chances of coming into contact with these biting creatures. Our professionals control mosquitoes by completing six monthly outdoor treatments during mosquito season which, in our area runs from May to October. Our trained technicians will walk your property and treat the areas where mosquitoes are likely to be breeding and hiding out, effectively reducing their numbers. To learn more about our mosquito management plan, including how to bundle it with one of our home pest control plans to receive a reduced rate, contact Moyer Pest Control today.


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Commercial Pest Control Solutions In Richboro, PA

Putting into place a professional commercial pest control program for your Richboro business is one of the best things you can do to help build a foundation of success for your business. Pest problems are a serious problem for business owners and can quickly damage any business’s reputation and in turn, cause a loss of business and revenue. But, by working together, we can ensure that an industry-leading solution is implemented into your business to provide a complete, long-term solution against pest problems. To protect your unique business from pests, we utilize Integrated Pest Management to offer the comprehensive elimination of current pest problems, the targeted application of chemicals in and around your facility, and preventative measures to stop future problems with pests. Contact us today to get started protecting your business, its reputation, and your customers and employees from the many damages and dangers that pests can inflict.


Guide To Avoiding Bed Bugs In Richboro, PA

Bed bugs are found living in close proximity to people because human blood is their favorite source of food. Bed bugs do not discriminate and can find their way into any home, a large home, a small home, a cluttered home, a dusty home, or a spotless home. All bed bugs care about is that people are present so they can feed, breed, and continue their life cycle. To help avoid coming into contact with bed bugs, it is important to be aware that they could be present anywhere and to always be aware of your surroundings. In addition, here are a few tips for avoiding a bed bug infestation in Richboro, PA:

  • If you are ever under the impression that you or your belongings have come into contact with bed bugs, it is important to wash and dry all your clothing on a high-heat setting and vacuum out and wipe down any bags and luggage, which may have been exposed.

  • Do not purchase used furniture, mattresses, or box springs for your home, and when purchasing new items, be sure to inspect them for bed bugs before bringing them inside.

  • Keep your home as clutter-free as possible, keep laundry up off of the floors, and make sure to regularly vacuum your home.

Another effective way to avoid bed bugs from taking over your home is to schedule regular bed bug inspections from professional bed bug control experts. Regularly scheduled inspections ensure that a small infestation is eliminated before it has a chance to turn into a large infestation. To detect bed bugs in any Richboro home, Moyer Pest Services relies on our K-9 bed bug inspector to accurately determine the presence of adult bed bugs, nymphs, and eggs anywhere in any home. To schedule a bed bug inspection or bed bug control treatment for your Pennsylvania home, contact Moyer Pest Control today.


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