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Protecting Souderton's Pets From Fleas & Ticks

Fleas and Ticks

If you have a furry family member, we don't have to tell you that fleas and ticks are a threat, but you may not be aware of all the ways you can protect your pet from fleas and ticks. You might be surprised at how many ways there are. Take a look and see which of the following flea and tick prevention tips were not even on your radar.

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1. Collars

Let's start with the obvious. You probably already know that purchasing a flea and tick collar for your pet is one of the best ways to deter a flea infestation. We wish this was all you had to do. Unfortunately, collars can fail to stop fleas from getting into your home.

2. Early Detection

If you catch fleas or ticks early, you may be able to address them before they infest your home. Detection for fleas and ticks is different.

Fleas — A flea infestation often begins with a scratch. If you notice your dog or cat scratching, use a flea comb to inspect for flea dirt or adult fleas making a run for it.

Ticks — A tick infestation can begin with no noticeable signs. Prevention requires inspection. You need to do routine checks of your pet's ears and between the toes. This is where ticks tend to attach. You can also run your fingers through your pet's fur or hair and feel for ticks that are attached to the skin. When ticks feed, they become engorged.

3. Play Area

If you don't have a play area for your dog, it is a good idea to construct one. This keeps your dog contained and prevents contact with flea and tick populations around your home. Fleas and ticks tend to be in damp, dark areas of landscaping and underneath structures. A fenced-in area will also reduce wildlife traffic.

4. Wildlife Control

Fleas and ticks don't come into your yard on their own; they are carried in by wild animals. This can be a large animal like a deer, all the way down to a tiny mouse. Consider the following tips to reduce animal activity in your yard.

  • Move bird feeders to at least 20 feet away from your exterior walls.

  • Move woodpiles away from your exterior and elevate the stacks to get them up off the ground.

  • Refrain from feeding pets outside.

  • If you have livestock, put food down only during mealtimes.

  • Protect gardens and berry bushes with fencing.

  • Keep wildlife out of harborage locations by installing fencing.

  • Keep your exterior trash in covered receptacles that cannot be knocked over by raccoons and other mid-sized animals.

  • Keep your grass trimmed and remove overgrowth in your landscaping.

5. Rodent Control

When it comes to wild animals spreading fleas and ticks, rodents are the worst because mice and rats can bring fleas and ticks into your home and carry them to every level.  We have a few specific suggestions for managing these two critters.

  • Remove lawn clutter that mice and rats can hide in.

  • Move objects away from your exterior to remove cover that these animals will use as they chew a hole into your home.

  • Do routine inspections of your exterior. Search for the presence of rodent droppings and for damage to weatherstripping, door and window frames, door sweeps, door stops, and vent covers.

6. Reduce Moisture

Fleas and ticks require moisture to complete their life cycle and become a threat to your pets. If you reduce moisture around your home, you can make it more difficult for fleas and ticks to develop. Here are some suggestions:

  • Address clogs in your gutter system. Make sure water is flowing away from your exterior.

  • Rake up leaves and get rid of organic debris.

  • Consider watering your plants in the morning. This will allow the sun to dry the topsoil moisture quickly.

  • Trim your vegetation, shrubs, and bushes to provide better airflow. The wind helps to keep things dry.

7. Flea And Tick Reduction

A licensed professional can make your job, and your life, a whole lot easier by providing ongoing treatments to your exterior. These treatments are residual, and they work to eliminate fleas and ticks that are deposited near your home.

If you have any questions about flea and tick services, or you'd like to schedule service for your Souderton home, contact Moyer Pest Control today. We're always here to help you with your pest control needs.

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