Get Rid Of Ants Fast!

The experts at Moyer have a keen understanding of ants and their behavior. Ants feed on sugar, cheese, meats, vegetables, grease, peanut butter and dead insects. Ants often enter a home through cracks around windows or doors, but they can find numerous entrances to your home or building. Once inside, if they establish a nest, the growing ant colony can become a problem quickly as ants mature from juveniles to adults within a matter of days. If you have questions, or want to schedule your ant treatment, call us now!

Commonly Asked Questions

Question # 1
Why Can't I Get Rid Of Ants Myself?

Trying to get rid of ants on your own can actually make things worse because over-the-counter sprays and repellents can cause a phenomenon called "budding" in which ants split from their home nest in order to avoid the repellents and will actually start new colonies on their own. Moyer Service Professionals™ are trained to seek out foraging ant trails around your property in an effort to locate and eradicate the entire colony. Sometimes, this may eliminate the need to use pesticides on the interior of your home.

Question # 2
Are Ant Treatments Safe For My Family And Pets

The health and safety of our customers, their families or employees is very important to us and that is why we use Integrated Pest Management products and treatments that are EPA registered for pest control use. In addition, all of our Service Professionals™ are registered and licensed by the state or local jurisdictions where we provide service to ensure proper application.

Question # 3
How Do I Get Rid Of Ants?

Proper identification of what species of ant is infesting your property is the key to effectively getting rid of ants. These insects can be a difficult pest to get rid of due to the nature of their foraging habits and colony development. Only a small percentage of ants within a colony are actively foraging for food, so it is important to inspect and locate where the ants are coming from. It is entirely possible for ants to be foraging long distances and the nest may not actually be located on your property. A Moyer Service Professional™ can identify what ant is present, locate where they are foraging and help you get rid of ants with 3 levels of service available.


Our Your Pay Commitment™ is defined as: “Paying less than you were invoiced for. You short your invoice by subtracting what you feel you don’t owe and pay for what you feel you owe.” Moyer Pest Control realizes you may be accustomed to dealing with contractors that don’t always stand by their work. Why is it that whenever there’s a problem, scheduling a follow-up visit to fix the issue is near impossible? That’s why Moyer clearly outlines the work to be done on your property and follows up to your satisfaction until the job is complete – not only to our high standards, but to your specifications! Now here’s a refreshing concept: If you’re not satisfied…don’t pay us the full amount and we will contact you immediately to resolve the problem.

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