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Problems Nuisance Ants Bring to Souderton Homes and Kitchens 

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There are many ants that can get into our Souderton homes. Today, we're going to focus on two very common home invaders in our area, the odorous house ant and the pavement ant. For the most part, these ants are simply nuisance pests. However, as with all pests, they can cause some problems when they find their way inside. Let's take a look at a few things you can expect from these pests.

odorous house ant on plant

Odorous House Ants

These ants stink. Literally. When they congregate in entrance areas, the can be especially problematic. This ant species emits a rotten coconut odor when crushed underfoot. And what better place to crush hundreds of tiny ants than on your front steps. If you happen to have a porch infestation with these, you've probably noticed that the walls of your porch do a nice job of holding that smell in.

Usually, people don't put up with having odorous house ants in their home for long, and who can blame them? These ants often invade in large numbers and the more of these ants you have in your home, the more noticeable the unpleasant odor they create will become. So new customers don't usually procrastinate for too long before reaching out to us. But, when odorous house ants get into a pantry, they can sometimes remain undetected. This can present a problem.

While the risk of illness is low with this species of ant, it is still possible for them to pick up harmful bacteria from your trash and other filthy places, and carry it into your food storage areas and, ultimately, into your stored food items themselves. This can result in stomach sickness.

When odorous house ants get into a home under the radar, it is usually through an area of the home that has been damaged by water. These ants need moisture in order to survive. So the appearance of hundreds of ants in your pantry should not just be seen as a nuisance. It is also a warning sign that you may have a moisture issue. Check your gutter system to make sure there are no obstructions or breaks and examine exterior spigots for leaks. If you see any conditions around your home that are allowing standing water or moisture buildup, they should be addressed, not only to help resist odorous house ants, but also to deter other pests and prevent water damage to your home.

Pavement Ants

Most of the time, pavement ants are no big deal. We see them in large numbers outside but we usually pay little attention to them. Normally, these ants live outdoors in the cracks of pavement and concrete and around rocks and present no real threat to us. It is only when they get inside that they become a problem.

Their love for pavement and concrete make these ants a common indoor pest. This is because they will crawl into any gap or crack that they can find in your foundation wall, and when they do, they can gain access to food storage areas and contaminate your food just like those odorous house ants do. The first step in preventing a pavement ant infestation is to perform a detailed inspection of your foundation and seal any cracks or gaps you find. When examining the exterior of your home for ant entry points, be sure to pay close attention around window frames. When windows are installed, there is often a gap around them. This gap is then sealed with caulk, but even a good quality sealant can break down over time and leave your home vulnerable to an ant invasion. It is a good idea to periodically reseal your window frames to keep those ants out.

What You Can Do

Both of these ant species will exploit any entry point you give them to get inside. To keep them out, be sure to examine your door frames and fix any weather stripping that isn't allowing your doors to make a good seal. Also, examine any pipes or wire conduit that pass through your exterior walls and seal the gaps around them. If you notice holes that have been chewed by other pests, use a caulking gun to fill those holes in until you can have them properly repaired.

When it comes to dealing with odorous house ants and pavement ants, it is important to remove any attractants that may draw them to your home. Make sure your that all your outdoor trash is stored in sealed trash cans and that those trash receptacles are kept clean. Don't leave any pet food outside. And for the best results, have a pest control company come perform routine perimeter treatments to reduce the insects on your landscaping that these ants feed on. Those perimeter treatments will also reduce several other harmful pests that can make spread harmful illnesses, damage your home, and damage your belongings.

If you need residential pest control in Souderton or the surrounding area, reach out to us at Moyer Pest Control. We’d be happy to help you with your ant problem or any other pests problem you may be dealing with on your property.

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