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Prevention Tips For Souderton Residents To Avoid Ant Infestations This Summer

Summertime Ant Prevention Tips

When summer kicks into gear, so do ants. The warm weather helps the bodies of these tiny insects move like well-oiled machines. That's bad news if you want to keep them out of your yard and, more importantly, out of your Souderton home this summer. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to reduce the presence of ants.

A big part of ant management is controlling how often ants become a frustration. It is entirely impossible to make your yard ant-free, but you wouldn't want to even if you could. Ants help with aeration which is good for your grass and good for the vegetation in your landscaping. There is a happy balance though. The secret to preventing frustrating ant problems is knowing how to keep those ants where they belong.

Here are some common ways you can help avoid ant infestations:

a colony of ants invading a home in souderton pennsylvania

Reduce Damp Soil

Many ant species in Souderton are drawn to moisture. If you have excess moisture in the landscaping around your home, that will draw ants close to the exterior of your home. The more ants you have near your home, the greater chances are that those ants will find their way inside.

There are two great ways to keep your topsoil dry and ant populations low. Trim tree branches and shrubs back to let the sun dry your topsoil after you water your plants and put space between your plants to let the wind move through and keep things dry. Together, the sun and the wind can make your soil far less appealing to ants.

Get Rid Of Food Sources Inside And Outside

If you have sweets or meats around your home, ants will come in and feed on them. But ants have a much wider diet than just feeding on the food we eat. They can get protein from insects and they can get sweets from the honeydew created by insects. While you're limiting the food sources you can limit, such as keeping your trash receptacles clean and sealed, you can benefit from ongoing residential pest control which controls ants and the insect food source the attracts them.

If scout ants get into your home, you can prevent frustrating encounters by keeping your interior clean. Good sanitation can keep ants from swarming in your common areas such as your kitchen, pantry, and living room.

Schedule Ant Control Services

If ants ever become a problem in or around your home, request ant control services for your property right away. When it comes to controlling pests, we're the Souderton, PA pest control experts. To learn more about our ant control solutions or to schedule your pest control service, please contact us today!

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