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Prevention Tips for Souderton Residents to Avoid Ant Infestations This Summer 

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When summer kicks into gear, so do ants. The warm weather helps the bodies of those tiny insects move like well-oiled machines. That's bad news if you want to keep them out of your yard and, more importantly, out of your Souderton home. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to reduce the presence of ants.
Much of ant management is controlling how often ants can become a frustration. It is entirely impossible to make your yard ant-free. But you wouldn't want to make it ant-free even if you could. Ants help with aeration. This is good for your grass and good for the vegetation in your landscaping. The secret to preventing frustrating ant problems is knowing how to keep those ants where they belong.

1. Damp Landscaping is an Ant Paradise.

Many ants are drawn to moisture. If you have moisture in the landscaping around your home, you're going to draw ants in close. The more ants you have near your home, the greater your chances of having ants get into your home. There are two great ways to keep your topsoil dry and ant populations low. Trim tree branches and shrubs to let the sun dry your topsoil after you water your plants and put space between your plants to let the wind move through and keep things dry. Together, the sun and the wind can make your soil far less appealing to ants.

2. Get rid of food sources.

If you have sweets or meats around your home, ants will come in and feed on them. But ants have a much wider diet than just feeding on the food we eat. They can get protein from insects and they can get sweets from the honeydew created by insects. While you're limiting the food sources you can limit, such as keeping your trash receptacles clean and sealed, you can benefit from ongoing residential pest control which controls ants and the insect food source the attract them.

3. Interior food sources.

If scout ants get into your home, you can prevent frustrating encounters by keeping your interior clean. Good sanitation can keep ants from swarming in your common areas such as your kitchen, pantry, and living room.

If ants ever become a problem for you in your Souderton residence, remember that Moyer Pest Control has been around since 1869. When it comes to controlling pests, we're the experts.

What Makes Schools Inviting To Bed Bugs?

Though bed bugs are not drawn to filth, as many people think, they are able to thrive more in an environment that is cluttered, or where clothing is left on the floor. Since kids are more likely to have clutter and leave clothing on the floor, they are more likely to be plagued by bed bugs. They are also more likely to carry these bugs with them when they go to school.

One bug is not an infestation. If you hear that a bed bug was found at school, it is important to understand that one bug does not equal an infestation. It is not easy for bed bugs to establish themselves in a school environment (dormitories excluded). These bugs need a place to feed. This is usually a bed or upholstered furniture. Bed bugs don't fly like mosquitoes and they don't hop like fleas. They must crawl to get a blood meal.

Bed bugs are not ticks. If a bed bug is found on a student, especially if that student is your child, it is important to understand that bed bugs do not choose a host like ticks. They don't infest people. It is possible that the bed bug is transient.

Bed bugs are not known to spread illness. When bed bugs are found, especially in your home, you should know that, though bed bug bites can be painful and itchy, these bugs are not associated with any diseases. Bed bugs are also a pest issue that has a solution. You won't have those bugs forever.

Tips For Prevention

There are some things you can do to reduce your chances of having bed bugs come home with your kids. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Limit how many items you allow your kids to bring home from school.

  • Inspect bags, especially the creases of bags, for tiny white eggs, tiny apple seed-sized, rust-colored bugs, black droppings, blood staining, or shed insect skins.  

  • Keep school items in a designated areas that is far away from bedrooms and couches. If you're able to use a sealed plastic container, that is even better.

Tips For Control And Identification

If you find a bug in your home that you think is a bed bug, it is vital to capture it and put it in a plastic bag for identification. Proper identification is key. If the bug you've captured is a bed bug, here are a few things you can do to protect your family as you wait to see if that bug is an isolated bug:

  • Wash and dry all clothing and bedding on the hottest temperature.

  • Vacuum crevices, cracks, and stitching on your mattress, box spring, and upholstered furniture.

  • Get rid of any clutter in your home. Bed bugs hide in clutter. They are particularly fond of clutter underneath beds.

  • Consider investing in mattress and box spring encasements.

  • Put bed bug traps under the legs of all your beds to see if any bed bugs appear. While you and your kids sleep, you are the perfect bait to lure bed bugs out of their hiding places and into these traps. While traps don't stop an infestation, they are the perfect tool for determining the magnitude of the problem.

If you have a full infestation, hire a professional. Bed bugs are extremely difficult to exterminate without an education in pest control. In Pennsylvania, check to see if you're in our service area. Moyer Pest Control offers the most advanced bed bug treatments available.

It is likely that you will hear more and more about bed bugs in the coming years. These pests are on the increase everywhere. But, fortunately, they are a pest problem that has a solution. Stay calm. Stay vigilant. And, most importantly, stay informed.

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