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Preventing Spiders Around Your Souderton Home

Lots & Lots Of Spiders

If you haven't noticed, we have spiders in Souderton – lots and lots of spiders. Most aren't going to do more than creep you out when you see them crawling around in your cellar. Some can bite but there isn't much localized pain and the welt that forms is nothing more than an itchy red bump. The spiders most people find worrisome are the ones that can leave a painful bite or cause sickness. Immediately, you probably thought of the black widow spider but we don't have a large population of black widows in Pennsylvania.

The spider to watch out for is the wolf spider. It can leave a painful welt on your skin and it is a hunter spider. That means it has good eyesight, unlike many other spiders. If you put your hand in the wrong place, this spider can make you regret it. Fortunately, the venom of a wolf spider isn't as potent as a black widow. Today we're going to be looking at how to keep all of these Pennsylvania spiders out of your Souderton home.

a spider crawling in a cellar inside of a home in souderton pennsylvania

The Worst Spiders

Let's start with the worst spider first. If black widows get into your house, there is one likely reason how. Since populations are so low in the state and black widows rarely get into homes, you probably got those spiders when someone brought them into your home. Black widows preferred secluded locations. When they get into storage rooms, they sometimes hide in boxes, furniture, and other stored items. If some come into your home from a southern state, it is possible for them to bring a black widow with them. It's rare, but it is possible.

A much more common invader is the wolf spider. We have an abundance of wolf spiders in Pennsylvania. Like black widow spiders, these spiders are also fond of storage areas and can get into boxes that are stored away. Be careful when opening a box that has come from a basement, garage, shed, barn or outbuilding. Before they get into those boxes, they have to get inside. Common entry points for wolf spiders are gaps, cracks, and openings that are near the ground. Wolf spiders hunt for prey on the ground and hide inside holes in the ground; often, these are holes created by animals.

How They Get In

Here are some of the ways these and other spiders can get into your home, that are low to the ground:

  • Windows in basement walls. These are close to the ground and are prone to being explored by bugs. Examine the frame around your basement windows and look for gaps in the seal, cracks in the frame, or damage to the glass.

  • Cracks in basement walls. If you have a cement cellar, wolf spiders and other spiders will use those cracks to get in. It doesn't take much of a crack, so you may have to look closely.

  • Gaps around plumbing. When plumbing is put into a home there is usually a gap around the pipes that must be sealed up. If this seal breaks, it can give spiders and other pests a way to get in.

  • Gaps around doors. The seals around your exterior doors are extremely important for pest exclusion. Do a detailed inspection of your weather stripping and door seals and make sure there are no holes for spiders to squeeze through, especially toward the bottom of your doors where wolf spiders are more likely to squeeze in.

  • Holes in the frames around your doors and windows. When bugs and rodents chew on the wood of your home it can leave holes for other pests, like wolf spiders, to get into your home.

The Best Way To Keep Them Out

There are many "mostly harmless" spiders that can get into your home. They'll come in through the entry points listed for wolf spiders but also exploit higher entry points on your home. Your roofline, soffits, pipe seals, vents, and chimney seal can all be vulnerable to spiders that get up high on your home to create webs to catch flying insects. These points are harder to protect. For these entry points and also to bolster the defenses in the lower parts of your home, you should consider routine pest control service for your home.

At Moyer, all of our residential pest control plans provide coverage for spiders that come in through exterior walls. Reach out to us and ask us about Exterior Guard, Complete Home Guard, and Complete Home Guard Plus. No home should be without pest control. Let us help you get your protection in place today.   

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