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Pottstown PA Pest Control

Steeped in History from William Tell to the Golden Gate Bridge

Pottstown, Pennsylvania is known for its involvement in the metal industries, having participated in many projects including the Panama Canal and the Golden Gate Bridge. Today, Pottstown is a warm and welcoming community that offers access to Schuylkill River Trail, and beautiful parks for all ages to enjoy as well as so much more. If you're one of the many who live here, you've probably realized this town is not exempt from pest problems. Here at Moyer, we know pests and we know Pottstown. That makes us the ideal pest control company to partner with for relief from ants, mice, roaches, flies and other bugs and rodents that plague home and business owners here.

home in pottstown infested with pests

Home Pest Control Services in Pottstown

If you're looking for home pest control in Pottstown, you need a company that you can trust. You need Moyer! Our home pest control services are designed to target the household pests that often cause problems in and around houses in Pottstown. Say goodbye to ants, clover mites, spiders, and centipedes and other pests as well as yellow jacket and wasp nests when you contact the pros at Moyer Indoor | Outdoor! And because we understand every budget is different, we offer homeowners three levels of pest protection. What are you waiting for? Get started today!

termites infesting a pottstown home

Professional Termite Control In Pottstown PA

Termites are one of the most persistent and destructive pests to call Pottstown home. Unfortunately, they're also not an obvious pest. Nicknamed silent destroyers, termites live underground, travel to wooden structures in mud tubes and infest wood from the inside out. That allows them to escape the notice of property owners until the termite damage becomes extensive and costly to repair. Here at Moyer we take the responsibility of protecting our Pottstown clients from termites extremely seriously. We offer complete termite control services that include treatment, monitoring and preventative measures. Termites can be stopped; contact Moyer before they damage your structure.

bed bug on a man in pottstown pa

Bed Bug Inspection, Elimination and Control

Bed bugs can be found anywhere that people frequent. This includes, homes, dorms, hotels, motels, hospitals, restaurants, libraries etc. Cleanliness has no bearing on which place they choose to live and breed in. Even here in Pottstown bed bugs have a presence. As much as we don’t want to think about it, they do exist and are something that everyone should know about as well as try to prevent. Here at Moyer we often receive at least a few calls a day regarding these bed bugs and the problem shows no signs of slowing down. If you're worried about bed bugs in Pottstown, our team of bed bug control pros can help. We offer K9 inspections and effective treatment options. Our bed bug dog, Scout sniffs out bed bugs with 98% accuracy! This enables us to know where they are no matter how well they are hiding. A bed bug inspection performed by Scout is ideal for all types of residential and commercial environments and allows our pest control technicians to treat bed bugs more effectively. With bed bugs, accurate detection and early treatment is key, and we can provide you with both.

commercial facility in pottstown infested with pests

Commercial Pest Management at its Best

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is the only successful answer for pest control in commercial settings. Here at Moyer our IPM has three distinct advantages:

  • Elimination of exisiting pest problems

  • Application of appropriate chemicals in appropriate amounts

  • Implementation of measures to prevent future pest activity

We know that proper pest control is crucial for the success of any commercial setting which is why our rapid, personalized response to your need for assistance is what truly set us apart. As a business owner you have enough to be concerned about, turn your pest control needs and concerns over to the competent hands here at Moyer and focus on the rest of your business.

moyer pest control technicians in pottstown pa

Moyer Is An All-In-One Company

In addition to pest control, Moyer Indoor | Outdoor is here to help Pennsylvania property owners and managers with a variety of useful and necessary services. Need a plumber? Give us a shout. Thinking about installing a pool? We do that too! In fact, we can help you in a variety of capacities including:


  • Lawn Care

  • Tree & Shrub Care

  • Lawn & Garden Irrigation

  • Landscape Lighting

  • Pool & Spa Care


  • Pest Control

  • Plumbing

  • Heating & Air Conditioning

  • Water Quality

  • Heating Fuels

  • Radon Protection

Contact us today for all your residential and commercial needs.

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"Moyer Indoor Outdoor provided the greatest service today! You really put our staff at ease with a quick, chemical free inspection to ensure we are completely free of pests. Your inspection staff were very professional, efficient and simply wonderful. Moyer Indoor Outdoor will continue to be our pest control company for a very, very long time."

S. Mandes