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Pest Control For Perkiomenville, PA

The metro areas around Philadelphia-Camden-Wilmington are known for being some of the largest in the state, home to thousands of homeowners and their local businesses. However, there are some smaller areas hidden in the sprawl. The quaint township of Perkiomenville is one such city, populated by residents from all over the world. This quiet and unassuming area takes its name from nearby Perkiomen Creek, which spends most of the winter frozen in thick layers of ice. Since this town is much less busy than its big-city neighbors, it has attracted many celebrities. Musicians David Reilly and Jeff Turzo and US District Judge John William Ditter Jr. call Perkiomenville home.

Perkiomenville is nothing like the big cities that surround it, but some striking similarities cannot be ignored. One of the largest and most glaring of these similarities includes the presence of pest activity. Pests are quickly becoming one of Perkiomenville’s biggest threats. Many professionals in the area rely on professional pest control methods to keep their properties safe.

One of the most popular and well-loved pest management plans includes the solutions at Moyer Pest Control. We have been proudly serving the Perkiomenville community since 1869, located in the town of Souderton, PA. We have everything it takes to make your pest wrongs right again. Call now to receive your free quote and book an appointment today.


Home Pest Control Solutions In Perkiomenville, PA

Residential homes all over Perkiomenville have come to expect the high-quality home pest control services of Moyer Pest Control. With no job too big or pest too small, we are thrilled to offer our expertise to needy homeowners all over the area. We currently treat homes using these pest control plans:

  • Exterior Home Guard

  • Complete Home Guard

  • Platinum Home Guard

Secure the pest control plan of your choice by submitting your info to Moyer Pest Control now.

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Commercial Pest Control Solutions In Perkiomenville, PA

Moyer Pest Control is a proud provider of commercial pest services for business owners all over Perkiomenville. For more than 140 years, our emphasis on excellence, professionalism, and customer service has allowed us to serve at any stage of the pest control process. We believe that no two businesses are alike, which is why all of our commercial pest control services are uniquely adapted to fit individual needs. When you choose Moyer Pest Control for your business’ security, you can expect to see the Moyer difference:

  • Thorough reporting systems that take all elements into account

  • Emergency services that occur on Saturdays or after-hours

  • A high standard of quality in everything we do

Make the right choice for your Perkiomenville business; call Moyer Pest Control to blueprint a commercial pest control plan at your earliest convenience!


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The Importance Of Professional Termite Services In Perkiomenville, PA

You may not realize it, but termites could be living on your property at this very moment. These pests can thrive in almost any environment and are found on almost every continent on earth (except Antarctica).

Termite control services in Perkiomenville are especially important because:

  • Professional termite services save thousands of dollars on out-of-pocket repair costs.

  • Properly administered services will eliminate a need for retroactive treatments, and catch termites long before they enter your home or business.

  • Termite control from a professional pest company is far more cost-effective than do-it-yourself DIY) remedies or over-the-counter treatments.

Treat your Perkiomenville home or business the way it deserves: with pride, excellence, and love. The team at Moyer Pest Control is standing by to answer your questions or concerns about our termite control program. Have your home inspected for its initial signs by submitting an online contact form.


Why Are Cockroaches In Perkiomenville, PA So Hard To Get Rid Of? 

Some insects are considered to be nuisance pests, while others simply make people uncomfortable. Still, others are classified as dangerous animals and should be avoided at all costs. Unfortunately, there is a pest that accomplishes all of these tasks: the unassuming cockroach.

If you have ever experienced a cockroach infestation before, you are likely unfamiliar with the devastating effects these insects can cause. Left to their own devices, cockroaches can create property damage, consume food and clothing, and spread some serious diseases around the surfaces they crawl over. There are very few kinds of damage that roaches cannot cause, and homeowners should be very wary of their presence. Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to remove cockroaches from a building once it has become infested. This is due to many reasons such as:

  • The hatching of eggs that have not been spotted or eliminated.

  • The use of ineffective, weak, or otherwise improper cockroach control measures.

  • The toughness of the cockroach exoskeleton, circulatory, and nervous system.

Perkiomenville’s best possible option for cockroach control is with the team at Moyer Pest Control. Schedule your initial cockroach inspection with a pro today.


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