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Keeping pests off your North Wales property is no easy task. Animals like roaches, rats, ants, and more have many motives to get inside your home. Human habitations have too many goodies to pass up – food, shelter, climate control, moisture, and few to no predators. Sometimes, your home or business may be the only option many pest animals have to get themselves through the winter. That means keeping them from setting up shop can be almost impossible. That's why you'll likely need professional help for your Montgomery County pest control needs.


Home Pest Control Solutions In North Wales, PA

Keeping pests out of your Pennsylvania home can be a real pain – if not impossible. Pests are highly motivated to get into your home, but there's another reason infestations are so easy to get: pests are really good at going unnoticed. 

Roaches, bed bugs, termites, and rodents are all so good at staying out of your way that you can have a house full of them for months or even years without ever knowing it. These pests can damage your home or spread disease for a long time before you realize there's an issue. 

This is why it's vital to have regular home pest inspections done by professional pest experts like the kind here at Moyer Pest Control. Our techs know how to catch emergent infestations and nip them in the bud. We can also help you determine if you have conditions conducive to pest development around your home so you can stop infestations before they start. 

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Commercial Pest Control Solutions In North Wales, PA

Keeping pests out of your commercial space is just as vital as keeping them out of your home. Pests can damage your commercial space, sicken your clients and employees, and get you fined or sued. So commercial pest control services are vital to maintaining a thriving business. 

We can help you with that here at Moyer Pest Control. We can handle all kinds of pests in all kinds of commercial spaces, from restaurants to multi-family rental units to hotels to healthcare facilities. We'll tailor our plan to your specific needs as well as the type of business you're operating to ensure you and your customers have a pest-free experience. 


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Is There More Than One Type Of Mosquito In North Wales?

Most people think a mosquito is just a mosquito. However, there are many kinds of different mosquitoes all over the world – over 3,000 species, in fact. But not all mosquito species bite humans, and of those that do, only the females feed on blood. In Pennsylvania, you're most likely to encounter the common house mosquito, white-dotted mosquito, inland floodwater mosquito, rock pool mosquito, and eastern tree hole mosquito. You may also run across the invasive Asian tiger mosquito. 

All of these are distinct species, but they exhibit similar behaviors, and you can repel them in similar ways. To keep them off your property, get rid of all standing water, so they have nowhere to lay their eggs. You can also plant herbs and flowers mosquitoes avoid – like lemongrass, citronella, lavender, and rosemary. 

If these prevention measures don't work, it's not necessarily something you're doing wrong. You may have standing water near your property that you cannot do anything about. If you can't seem to get rid of the mosquitoes infesting your backyard, contact us here at Moyer Pest Control for a complete mosquito treatment plan. 


When To Expect Fleas Around North Wales Homes And Yards 

Mosquitoes aren't the only external parasites you have to deal with during the summer months. Fleas are another pest variety that increases activity during the summer, and they aren't just a problem for pet owners. Fleas can hitch a ride onto your property on wildlife pests like rodents and raccoons. Once there, they can breed and live inside your carpet or furniture. To get a meal, they hop onto human hosts for a quick bite when one passes by and hop off. 

If you don't have pets, you might confuse flea bites with bites from mosquitoes. However, if you find bites clustered around your feet and ankles, it's a good bet they're from fleas. You can prevent fleas from getting onto your property by excluding wildlife from your home and yard, but once you have a flea infestation, there's not much you can do to get rid of them. OTC foggers and sprays don't do much more than offer temporary relief – not to mention these chemicals can be toxic to people or pets, especially cats. For safe and effective treatment for both fleas and their wildlife vectors, call the experts at Moyer Pest Control. 


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