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Pest Control For Newport, DE

Located on the Christina River is the lovely Delaware town of Newport. This thriving community is home to beautiful scenery, great people, and plentiful business, recreational, and educational opportunities. What isn’t there to like about Newport? Well, most residents would have to agree that they don’t like all the pests that have chosen to live in Newport, DE. To combat pests, and keep your Newport home or business free of them, turn to the local pest control experts at Moyer Pest Control. At Moyer Pest Control we have over 140 years of experience protecting communities, big and small, from the dangers and damage that pests like mosquitoes, bed bugs, spiders, ants, rodents, and others can cause. To learn more about our proven solutions to common pest problems, reach out to the pest control experts at Moyer Pest Control today.


Residential Pest Control In Newport, DE

Insects, rodents, and other pests should not be allowed to live in your Newport home another day. Pests are carriers of diseases and bacteria, are destructive, highly invasive, and, once they make themselves at home in your house, they are nearly impossible to evict without the help of a trained pest control professional. At the first signs of ants, mice, spiders, centipedes, beetles, or any other pests living in your home, contact Moyer Pest Control.

At Moyer, we understand that each home and family has their own unique needs. This is why we have developed three different home pest control program options for homeowners to choose from: Exterior Home Guard, Complete Home Guard, and Platinum Home Guard.

  • Exterior Home Guard includes four services every other month in season.

  • Complete Home Guard includes four quarterly services per year; three exterior and one interior

  • Platinum Home Guard includes six scheduled services, one every other month. Treatments are targeted to active pests of the season. This program includes protection against termites, mosquitoes, and stink bugs.

To eliminate current pest problems or to help prevent future pests from choosing your Newport home to live in, call Moyer Pest Control today!

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Tips To Avoid Mosquitoes In Newport, DE

The best way to reduce the number of mosquitoes living and breeding on your property, to avoid their bites, and to make your family’s outdoor space more pleasant to spend time in, put into place a professional mosquito reduction service from Moyer Pest Control. While there is no way to completely eliminate mosquitoes from a property, with the help of our highly trained professionals, their populations can be greatly reduced. Our mosquito management plan works through the completion of six monthly outdoor treatments during mosquito season (May to October). Our trained technicians walk your property and treat the areas where mosquitoes are likely to be breeding and resting: trees, areas of vegetation, buildings, porches, eaves, patios, and around windows. In addition to our professional services, completing the following around your property can help deter mosquitoes, and help you to avoid coming into contact with them.

  • Remove areas of standing water on your property where females can lay their eggs.

  • Keep your lawn cut short and trim back overgrown shrubs and bushes that mosquitoes may find attractive.

  • Keep doors and windows closed to stop mosquitoes from getting into your home.

  • Avoid spending time outside during their most active periods, dawn and dusk.

To learn more about our mosquito management plan, including how to bundle it with one of our home pest control plans in order to receive a reduced rate and superior pest protection, contact Moyer Pest Control today and get started with Newport, DE mosquito control!


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Commercial Pest Control In Newport, DE

Don’t let your Newport business suffer because of invasive pests. Call Moyer Pest Control and allow our business to protect your commercial property from pests. Put in place a professional commercial pest control program for your restaurant, hotel, retail shop, food processing facility, healthcare facility, or other business to provide long-term relief against pests. At Moyer Pest Control, we rely on Integrated Pest Management (IPM) for the complete elimination of current pest problems, the safe application of chemicals in and around your facility (as needed), and the implementation of prevention measures to stop future problems with pests. Call us today to learn more about our tailored, eco-friendly, and affordable commercial programs that will meet the unique needs of your Newport business.


What To Do When You Find Bed Bugs In Your Newport, DE Home

The first thing to do, or rather NOT to do, if you find bed bugs or evidence of their presence in your Newport, DE home is panic. There is no need to panic when it comes to bed bugs. Yes, they are parasitic, difficult to remove, and highly invasive, but they are NO match for the professionals at Moyer Pest Control. We have the experience, modern technology, and dedication needed to quickly and discreetly eliminate any size bed bug infestation from any Newport home. If you find bed bugs or signs of their presence including blood spots, dark streaks of excrement, or shed skins on, under, or around mattresses, box springs, floors, walls, clothes, or furniture in your Newport, DE home, contact the bed bug professionals at Moyer Pest Control immediately. Our professionals act quickly and provide a thorough K-9 bed bug inspection to verify an infestation and target the treatment area. Then a tailored treatment plan is developed to meet the specific needs of your home and to eliminate the infestation as quickly and affordably as possible. Call today to learn more about our industry-leading bed bug control solutions in Delaware and how they can benefit your Newport home.


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