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Mouse Prevention Tips You Should Consider During Fall

When Mice Get Inside

You can expect certain things to happen every year just before the arrival of winter. Every year the temperatures drop. Every year, the leaves turn bright colors and drop from the trees, and every year, bugs and wildlife find a place to hide from the bitter cold; sometimes, that place is inside our homes. That is why fall pest prevention is so important.

a house mouse emerging form a hiding spot inside of a home in pennsylvania

Problems Mice Cause When They Invade Your Home

When mice get inside they can create many problems. Here are just a few of them:

  • They chew on insulation and make holes for your expensive heat to escape.

  • They bump and scratch inside your wall voids.

  • They leave urine and feces everywhere they go.

  • They chew on wiring inside your walls.

  • They bring harmful bacteria in on their fur.

  • They pick up harmful bacteria from places like your toilet and your kitchen trash, as they explore every inch of your home.

  • They carry secondary pests like lice, mites, ticks, and fleas. In fact, a single mouse can have dozens of deer ticks on it. Deer ticks, which are also called black-legged ticks, are extremely small.

  • Mice are linked to several human-spread pathogens.

  • When mice get into stored foods they can taint these items with Salmonella, E. coli, and more.

  • Once mice get in, they usually stay for good. And it doesn't take long for mice to grow a population.

Mouse Prevention In The Fall

If you're the kind of person who keeps your yard nice and neat during the fall, you actually have a good start to preventing a mouse infestation. Use the following tips to prevent these pests from invading your property:

Lawn & Yard Maintenance

Mice are skittish creatures that prefer a yard that has lots of options for cover. Leaf litter and leaf piles are perfect, so it is important to keep those leaves raked up and make sure to dispose of piles when you're done.

When leaves fall off the trees, they don't just land on the ground. They can land in gutter systems and cause water to flow down your wall and create puddles near your foundation walls. Mice will use these to get a drink. It is a good idea to do a check to make sure your gutters are properly channeling water away from your home.

Eliminate Food Sources

As it gets colder, food resources for rodents will become scarce. This will give them even more incentive to get into exterior trash. Make sure all your trash cans have lids that seal properly. Your goal should be to keep the aroma of food in, and those mice out.

Seal Entry Points

A close inspection of your exterior walls and foundation is vital in the fall. Examine the frames around windows and doors closely; mice will target wood that is easier to chew through, or spots where they can feel warmth coming out. If you find any holes, use a caulking gun to fill them in, or have these spots repaired. Look closely in locations that are shaded or secluded, like under your porch or deck. Inspect around pipes and electrical conduit; be aware that a mouse can squeeze through a hole the size of a dime.

Mice can leap as much as a foot into the air, so be aware that entry points can be higher than you expect. Mice also use branches from bushes and shrubs as bridges. Trimming these is not only good for your bushes and shrubs but also a great way to prevent rodents. There are a surprising number of vulnerabilities on your roof. If mice can get up there, they'll be more than happy to exploit them. One of the ways they can access your roof is by using your downspouts as upspouts. Putting some wire mesh in there will allow water to come out but prevent mice from climbing up.

Identify The Signs Of An Infestation

As you perform your inspection, look for the presence of mouse droppings; these will help you figure out if mice are going in and out of locations that you can get into. Look for droppings on top of electrical boxes, water meters, and window sills. If there are lots of droppings, you're likely to see holes.

How To Get Rid Of Mice

If mice have already gotten into your house, it can be extremely hard to remove them without an education in pest control. When pest control is poorly implemented, it leads to ongoing infestation and ongoing problems. A professional pest control technician knows how to properly inspect and monitor for rodent activity, ensuring that your home is free of mice.

If you are in our Pennsylvania service area, Moyer Pest Control provvides professional rodent removal and exclusion services, or ask about our Complete Home Guard program which includes mice and rats, along with a whole host of other household pests. Contact Moyer to request a free rodent inspection today!

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