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Pest Control For Lionville, PA

Lionville is located in Chester County, PA, and received its name to honor the local and well-known Red Lion Inn. Lionville is conveniently divided between highways PA 100 and PA 113 and is home to various residential neighborhoods, hotels, restaurants, and many successful and trustworthy businesses. Moyer Pest Control is someone you can trust to protect your Lionville home or business from the many dangerous and nuisance pests like termites, bed bugs, mice, ants, and more that also reside in historic Lionville. We have been in business for over 140 years and have earned the trust of all the Pennsylvania communities that we service.


Residential Pest Control In Lionville, PA

At Moyer Pest Control we understand that the pests living in Lionville are the same, but the homes that they invade and the families living inside are all different. This is why we offer three different home pest control programs for Lionville homeowners to choose from; each program can be customized and is capable of suiting the needs of any Lionville home and budget!

All of our home pest control programs will protect homes from a wide variety of invading household pests including ants, crickets, earwigs, spiders, ground beetles, and more! Our Exterior Home Guard program includes four service visits scheduled every other month in season. Our Complete Home Guard program includes four quarterly services per year: three exterior and one interior. Our most inclusive home pest control program, the Exterior Home Guard program, is our best value and includes six scheduled services every other month, along with services to protect your home from termites, mosquitoes, and stink bugs.

Give us a call today, to speak with one of our professionals and see which of our home pest control programs is perfect for your home!

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Commercial Pest Control In Lionville, PA

Trust the experienced pest control experts at Moyer Pest to protect your Lionville business from the common pests that can invade and damage your products, brand, and reputation! Don’t let a small issue with pests jeopardize your good standing in the industry you serve and within the Lionville community.

The benefits of choosing our Integrated Pest Management (IPM) commercial pest control program to protect your business from pest like ants, mice, and roaches include:

  • The elimination of existing pest problems

  • The safe application of chemicals on an as-needed basis only

  • The implementation of preventative measures to stop future issues with pests

  • Centralized Scheduling/Pest Portal™ Site Assistance

  • Comprehensive reporting

  • Convenient Saturday and after-hours services

At Moyer, we promise to provide you with pest control services that meet the highest of service standards to ensure that your business stays pest-free!


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Bed Bug Treatments For Lionville, PA

Bed bugs in any number should not be welcome in any Lionville home or business. While bed bugs aren’t known to carry and transmit any diseases to people, they can become a huge nuisance and source of stress and sleepless nights for both home and business owners.

To get rid of bed bugs in your Lionville property, trust the pest control experts at Moyer Pest Control. The professionals at Moyer have the ability to provide modern bed bug control services in Lionville that will eliminate every egg, nymph, and adult that are hiding in the mattress, box springs, and other cracks and crevices of your home and/or business.

Getting rid of bed bugs from your property is easy and begins with:

  • A thorough inspection using our K-9 bed bug inspection team to target bed bugs

  • Confirming a positive infestation as a method of verification before beginning treatment

  • Confirming that a previous treatment has or has not been successful

  • Narrowing down which treatment will work best for your specific property to save time and money

If you suspect bed bugs have hitchhiked their way into your Lionville home, contact the professionals at Moyer Pest Control today to find out more about our safe and effective bed bug treatment options!


Termite Control Services In Lionville, PA

Outside of your Lionville home, you notice mud tubes running up the foundation and exterior walls, you find piles of discarded insect wings underneath of doors and windows, you see small holes in the surface of wooden items, or you even start to notice paint on the walls blistering and splintering. What do all of these things add up to? The most likely scenario is termites, and if you are seeing signs of their presence you need to contact a professional termite control expert fast! Most homeowners aren’t aware that termites have invaded until they see the signs of their presence, but by then the damage has already been done!

Protect your Lionville property from termites by choosing one of our three preventative service options: 

  • Pest Termite Renewal Program (PTR) - Using the Green Eyes monitoring stations, our technicians establish a ring of detection around the foundation of your home or facility. Feeding termites set off a quick and reliable visual signal.

  • Pest Termite Preventative Program (PTP) - This program uses Termidor® termiticide on the exterior of your home or commercial structure to proactively protect your property from termites.

  • Complete Home Guard Plus (PQP) - Termite treatment is provided for your home as part of a larger, routine home pest control program.

Get in contact with Moyer Pest Control to start protecting your Lionville, PA property from wood-destroying termites today!


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