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Situated alongside the Leigh River, Laurys Station is idyllic for many reasons. But, the residents of Laurys Station don't need us to tell them how inviting this place is!

Unfortunately, some things can make living here less than perfect, and one of those is the threat of pests. With the many different pests that can potentially infest your property, you don't want to wait until there is a problem to get help. 

At Moyer Pest Control, we are committed to our customers to provide quality pest control at an affordable price. We utilize the latest state-of-the-art technologies to achieve the most effective results. 

If pests worry you in Laurys Station, you should keep reading about the services we provide for Leigh County pest control.


Home Pest Control Solutions In Laurys Station, PA

Many pests can threaten your home with dangerous diseases, contamination, property damage, and more. But keeping your family safe from the dangers of pests is an easy feat when you work with us at Moyer Pest Control.

When it comes to keeping your family safe, you shouldn't sacrifice services for affordability. This is why we provide three different residential pest control plans that are personalized based on your pest control needs.

These plans are:

  • Exterior Home Guard- starts at $33 a month, offers four scheduled services a year, and no extra charge for covered pests between scheduled visits.
  • Complete Home Guard- starts at $40 a month, offers four scheduled services a year, and tailor-made treatment utilizing IPM.
  • Platinum Home Guard- starts at $55 a month, offers six scheduled services a year, and covers termites and mosquitoes.

Don't let pests "bug" you and your family. Start with a home pest control plan to provide you with the peace of mind you deserve. Call us at Moyer Pest Control today to learn more about our services and how we can help you.

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Commercial Pest Control Solutions In Laurys Station, PA

Most commercial properties rely on their reputation for business. But pests can damage this reputation, resulting in loss of customers, inventory, and perhaps even closure. It would be best to consider the benefits of professional commercial pest control for your commercial property for these reasons. Our experts at Moyer Pest Control are dedicated to providing the services you require to maintain a successful business. 

No two properties are alike, nor will they experience the same pest issues. This is why we personalize a plan for you. With this plan, you can utilize our Saturday and after-hour services at your discretion and comprehensive reporting for full transparency. We offer commercial services to many properties, including food processing, property management, healthcare, hospitality, pharmaceuticals, restaurants, retail facilities, and warehouses. We adhere to industry standards no matter what type of facility we are servicing.

Reach out to us at Moyer Pest Control to learn more about how you can get started with commercial pest control services to protect your business!


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Four Tips For A Bed Bug-Free Home

Bed bugs are external parasites that don't live on the host but take blood meals at night. It is a common myth that bed bugs only happen in disorganized and dirty homes, but this is not true. Bed bugs can happen to any home, no matter how clean it is. They usually infest the house by being carried inside by an unsuspecting person. This pest is highly frustrating because they are challenging to eliminate without proper knowledge and methods. 

Here are four tips to help keep bed bugs out of your home:

  1. Reduce the number of second-hand items you bring into your home. This is one of the most common ways bed bugs are spread, so ensure that you inspect and clean any used items before bringing them inside.
  2. When in a public place such as restaurants, theaters, offices, schools, transportation hubs, and hotels, never put your belongings on the floor. When staying in a hotel or motel, make sure you look for signs of bed bugs before putting your bags down.
  3. Utilizing mattress and box spring protectors can add a layer of protection and help keep bed bugs from further spreading.
  4. If you do have an active bed bug infestation, don't waste your time trying to get rid of them on your own. Instead, call in experts right away.

Professional pest control is the quickest and most effective way to eliminate a bed bug infestation, and with this pest, it is essential to treat them quickly as they will continue to spread throughout your home. At Moyer Pest Control, we offer bed bug control services for any level of infestation, all of which come with detailed inspections and follow-up services.

Don't wait to take care of a bed bug infestation. Call us at Moyer Pest Control to return your home to a bed bug-free environment.


Why Professional Mosquito Control Is The Way To Go In Laurys Station

Mosquitoes are responsible for spreading many deadly diseases around the world. However, they are so familiar that most people forget how dangerous this pest can be.

People commonly rely on store-bought products such as sprays, candles, wearable fans, and more to keep mosquitoes away. But the truth about these products is they don't provide the kind of protection you are looking for. While they may keep mosquitoes away for a short time, they do nothing to reduce the populations living on your property, which is the only way you will see any desired results.

To reduce mosquito populations, you need to understand how this pest breeds and the factors that attract them. But with our professional assistance, you won't have to worry about which DIY product to purchase and perhaps misapply. At Moyer Pest Control, we offer effective mosquito control services that provide you with the peace of mind you are looking for. 

You will receive personalized services at an affordable price that utilizes a barrier treatment, treatment of breeding sites, and recommendations from your technician to ensure the program's success. Your property will be serviced every three weeks from April to October for this ongoing protection.

You can learn more about our mosquito control program, the types of treatments we use, and how to get started by contacting us at Moyer Pest Control.


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