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Just How Dangerous Are Rodents In West Chester?

Rodents In West Chester

The most common home-invading rodents are rats and mice. These little guys love to squeeze into small spaces and chew holes in your home. Of all the mice species in the world, the one that is most likely to invade your house is aptly named “the house mouse.” House mice are small and thin with large ears and long tails with varying fur color. They are usually a dirty gray with a cream belly, but they can be light brown in some regions. They gnaw through screens, window and door frames, sole plates, vent covers, weatherstipping and other things to access your West Chester home.  Of all the rat species in the world, the roof rat is the most common home-invading pest. This rat species has brown and black fur intermixed, but appears to look black, especially when you see one in the darkness of your attic. This is why they're also referred to as black rats. These stout pests are very agile and able to climb trees easily and access the roof of your home. If they find their way up there, they can do damage to your soffits, fascia, roofline, seals around roof penetrations, and more. House mice and roof rats can do damage as they enter your home. But this is only one of many ways they can present a danger.

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What Those Exterior Holes Can Do

If a mouse or rat chews a hole in the exterior of your home, it does more than leave you holding the bill for a costly repair. Those holes can:

  • Allow secondary pests into your home, such as spiders, centipedes, silverfish, and cockroaches.

  • Allow water into your home. This can lead to wood rot and other forms of moisture damage.

  • Allow mold spores into your home. These attach themselves to damp areas. If black mold takes root, it can lead to many health issues.

  • Allow the hot air to escape during cold West Chester winters, and the cool air to escape during hot months. This can make your energy bills higher.

What Kind Of Damage Can Rodents Do Inside?

Rodents have continuously growing front incisors. To keep these teeth from overgrowing, they chew on all kinds of things. Here just a few of the many things they can damage:

  • They chew on insulation, wallpaper, books, clothing, winter coats, furniture, and other items. They use paper, fabric, cotton, and other materials to create their nests.

  • They chew holes in stored furniture and nest inside.

  • They chew through baseboards, sheetrock, and other building materials.

  • They chew on food packages and empty the contents out onto shelves. As they do this, they can contaminate your foods with their dirty hairs, feces, and urine.

  • They can chew on the wiring and gas lines in your home and cause a house fire. This can lead to a loss of your entire home and potentially a loss of life.

What Are The Health Hazards?

Rodents are a well-known reservoir for diseases. They are able to make you and your family sick in many ways. Here are just a few illnesses they can cause:

  • Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome (HPS)

  • Lymphocytic Choriomeningitis (LCM)

  • Salmonellosis, E coli, and other bacterial illnesses

  • Rat Bite Fever

  • Leptospirosis

Rodents also carry ticks and fleas into your home. A single mouse can have a hundred seed ticks on its little body. That's a lot of ticks! When mice or rats bring ticks and fleas into your West Chester home, they have their own list of diseases, such as:

  • Lyme disease

  • Rocky Mountain spotted fever

  • Ehrlichiosis

  • Southern tick-associated rash illness

  • Tularemia

  • Babesiosis

  • Powassan virus

  • Heartland virus

  • Bourbon virus

  • B. miyamotoi disease

  • And more.

How To Protect Your Home From Rodent Infestation

Dealing with rodents can be tricky. If you fail to get rid of the rodents in your home, they can continue to present the threats listed above. It is best to contact Moyer Pest Control at the first sign of rodent activity in your West Chester home. Our licensed professionals know what products and procedures work to locate and remove rodents. Reach out to us today and schedule an inspection. We'll guide you in finding the right solution to your rodent problem.

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