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Identify The Signs Of Termites In West Chester

What Termites In West Chester Look Like

The types of termites in West Chester are ground termites, known scientifically as subterranean termites. If you hope to detect termites in your yard, you need to understand that most termite signs will be found near the ground. Let's take a look at what termites in West Chester look like, the signs they provide, and how you can be successful at avoiding termite damage.

It is important to know what termites look like because you might see them. The most noticeable sign of active termites is the appearance of swarmers on the inside of a home. Unfortunately, finding eastern subterranean termites swarmers in your home is a very bad sign. It means you have a severe infestation. Why? Because swarmers that are released from a nest in your yard will emerge outside. When they emerge inside, the nest is close to or under your home. So termite identification is essential for detecting an infestation and determining how severe it is.

  • Eastern subterranean termite swarmers are black with long white wings. Their wings stack on top of each other and hang quite a bit past the end of the abdomen. If a swarmer lands on you in your yard, you may not take much notice of it. Termite swarmers are only about ⅜ of an inch long. It is usually only when swarmers appear in large numbers that they're recognized as termite swarmers. We hope you notice that one swarmer because it will give you a warning that you have active termites in your yard.

  • Worker termites are pale and have six legs. At only ⅛ of an inch in length, it is easy to mistake these little pale insects for some other kind of bug, like maggots. If you pick a dead branch up in your yard and see little, pale, six-legged insects, you're looking at worker termites. This is one of the most common signs of termites in the yard, yet many West Chester residents miss it.

hundreds of termites infesting a home

Signs Termites Leave Behind In West Chester

Termite identification isn't the only way you can detect termites. Eastern subterranean termites provide other signs.

  • When you go looking for signs of termites in the yard, check under firewood, scrap wood, cardboard, and any other termite food source. Inspect wood-to-soil contact on structures and look for damage to the wood. Use a shovel to check for workers, soldiers, or swarmers underneath mulch.

  • Swarmers happen for only a short time - less than 30 minutes, usually in the spring. The only sign of a swarm that you might get is the shed wings that swarmers leave after mating. These may be found on the ground, on surfaces, or in spiderwebs.

  • Eastern subterranean termites often have to create shelter tubes on concrete and other hard materials in order to get up to the wood on structures. You may find these shelter tubes in sheltered, dark, and humid spaces. Most shelter tubes look like wiggly lines of mud. If there are a lot of worker termites, you may see one wiggly line branch off like a river as the tubes run up the side of your foundation wall.

What To Do About Termites In West Chester

The best solution for termites is to invest in termite control. Don't wait and hope that you'll see warning signs; it is more likely that you won't see them. This can put your equity and your retirement nest egg at risk. When you invest in professional termite control, you get active protection against termite damage. We know of no better way of avoiding termite damage in West Chester. At Moyer Pest Control, we offer industry-leading liquid termite treatments and termite baiting solutions for stopping termites and eliminating attacking colonies.

West Chester Termite Prevention Tips

Is there anything you can do to prevent termite damage? Yes, of course. There are many things you can do. If you're not ready to invest in effective termite control performed by a professional, we hope that you will at least use these prevention tips to help you mitigate the risk:

  • Elevate any wood sources in your yard, such as dead branches, firewood, and scrap wood. This gets them off the ground and helps you to detect worker termites as they build mud tubes to scale the structures to get to wood sources.

  • Never bury wood in your yard. This is just asking for trouble.

  • Do routine inspections to look for shelter tubes, swarmers, swarmer wings, or any changes to the wood of your home.

  • Address perimeter dampness by cleaning gutters and repairing your gutter system. Termites are drawn to moisture.

Get Your West Chester Home Protected

Reach out to Moyer Pest Control today to request an inspection. This inspection will allow our service team to guide you toward the right termite control solution for your specific needs and budget. Don't wait till termites have taken a big bite out of your retirement savings. Get quality termite control in West Chester today.

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