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How Worried Should I Be About Boxelder Bugs In Souderton?

There are some insects that can make you feel uneasy when they start showing up on the outside of your home; boxelder bugs are one of them. These insects congregate on the sun-warmed sides of Souderton homes during the fall. If this happened on the side of your home last year, you might have seen these bugs moving around in the common areas of your home through the winter. It is also possible that boxelder bugs got inside during the fall, but are only now showing up in your common areas. This is because they're having a hard time finding their way back outside. How do we know they're trying to get out? Because boxelder bugs don't want to be inside your home. The environment in your home is not ideal for these insects since they subsist on the resources of boxelder trees and other maple trees. They're going to die off if they don't find a way out. That may sound like a good thing but, before they get out, they can present a problem.

The Real Danger Boxelder Bugs Present

When we think of the danger insects can present to us, we often think of how they bite, sting, and spread illness. Boxelder bugs don't do any of these. While boxelder bugs are capable of biting, they rarely bite people. 
Another way a pest can present a threat to us is by chewing on the wood of our homes. This can create many problems. Holes in wood and other building materials can let rainwater in and cause wood to rot and mold to develop. Ongoing damage to the wood of a home can lead to expensive repairs. Boxelder bugs don't chew on the wood of boxelder trees or the wood of your home. They eat seeds and newly developing leaves.

Some pests get into your home and eat your clothing, your carpets, and other belongings. While boxelder bugs don't do this, they do have the ability to damage your stuff. The feces of these insects can cause stains. You might be able to get some of these stains out. But it can be frustrating or impossible to get stains out of some materials and off objects that cannot be put in a washer.
Most of the damage boxelder bugs do is on the outside of your home. If they came into your yard to feed on boxelder trees or some other type of maple trees, they'll damage those trees. They can also damage fruits and vegetables.

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How To Get Boxelder Bugs Out

Homeowners don't usually have much success getting rid of boxelder bugs with treatment options because these insects get into wall voids and are hard to treat. Plus, improper treatments can cause large numbers of these bugs to die inside your wall voids, which can attract dermestid beetles, like the larder beetle or carpet beetle. It is best to have a licensed pest professional deal with an infestation appropriately. One tactic that may be used is to allow the boxelder bugs to leave on their own and apply treatments during the summer months to keep them from getting back in when temperatures drop in the fall.

Boxelder Bug Prevention

Preventing boxelder bugs is a combination of exterior exclusion and appropriate treatments. At Moyer Pest Control, we can assist you with both. We offer comprehensive pest control services for homeowners in Souderton and throughout our extensive service area. Find out what our expertly-trained service professionals can do for your specific situation. Contact us today and request a pest control inspection. We'll guide you toward the right plan for your specific needs and budget.

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