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How West Chester Residents Can Protect Their Homes From Rodents

How To Handle Rodents In Your Home

Have you ever put your ear to a vent and listened to the distant, steady chewing sound of a rodent and wondered, what on earth is that thing chewing on? We're here to tell you, the answer is unpleasant. Have you ever heard a noise in your wall and wondered, how do I get rodents out of my walls? That is the nature of rodent problems.

Rodents travel in the voids of a home and are able to do damage in places you can't even see. So the best way to protect your West Chester home from rodents is to keep them from getting inside in the first place. Let's take a look at some ways you can reduce rodent populations around your West Chester residence.

a rat eating a loaf of bread inside of a home in west chester pennsylvania

Understanding Why Rodents Come Into Your Yard

It is important to know your enemy. While cute little mice and less-cute rats don't mean to invade your space, they can't help it. And, when they accidentally get into your home, they can do damage, spread illness, leave the strong scent of urine, and spread fleas, ticks, and other parasites around your home. That makes them the enemy.

What you need to know most about your enemy is that they prefer a yard that is overgrown. Mice and rats are timid creatures that have many natural predators. They would much rather explore a yard with tall grass and weeds than they would a trim neat lawn. Keep everything in your yard as trimmed as possible and be sure to quickly rake up leaves and sticks.

Those timid rodents will look for objects to hide in. If you have discarded toys, construction materials, firewood, an old appliance, or similar items in your yard, you'll give those rodents safe harborage. If you're able to stow items inside, it is a good idea to do so. If you can't, move them as far away from the outside of your home as you can.

As mice and rats explore your foundation perimeter, they will use plants to hide under. Giving space between plants will not only allow better airflow for your landscaping, it will make rodents feel a little more exposed.

Rodent Attractants

Here are a few more attractants that will make rodents feel happy in your yard:

  • Water. If you have containers in your yard that capture rainwater, rodents will love you for it. Examine your yard and remove any conditions that allow rainwater to collect and create a watering hole for rodents.

  • Food. Open trash is a food source for rodents. Mice and rats are able to leap high and get into places you would be surprised to find them in, like a tall trash can. Rodents can also scale brick walls. It is important to keep your trash in sealed, clean receptacles if you want to resist rodents.

    Bugs: Rodents don't just eat human food. In the wild, they are known to feed on bugs. The more you do to reduce bugs in your yard, the more resistant your yard will be to rodents.

  • Gardens. There isn't much that needs to be said here. Gardens are a strong incentive for any animal, rodents included. Make sure you have fencing around your garden that goes at least a foot below the surface to prevent rodents from burrowing under.

  • Fruit. Berries and fruit trees will create treats for rodents. Make sure these are protected or plant them far from your outside walls.

What To Do If You Have Rodents In Your Yard

When rodents come into your yard, for whatever reason, it is important to make sure they don't find a hole in the defenses of your home. Check your door sweeps and weather stripping to make sure you don't have any gaps. It only takes a gap the size of a dime to allow a mouse entry. Check under your deck, porch, patio, or other external structures for any damage being done to your home in these dark, secluded places. Mice and rats will attack the sill of your home, just above the foundation walls, and they have the teeth to get the job done. Seal any gaps or holes you find in your exterior walls.

For the best protection against mice, rats, and a wide range of other destructive, illness-spreading pests, consider Complete Home Guard or Complete Home Guard Plus from Moyer. When you have ongoing residential pest control from Moyer, you never have to wonder how you're going to deal with pests in your walls. Reach out to the team here at Moyer, and schedule immediate rodent control services today!

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