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How To Tell If Rodents Have Invaded Your Souderton Home 

Signs Of A Rodent Problem In Souderton Homes

The sounds of scratching and bumping in your wall just as you're about to go to sleep leave little doubt that you have rodents in your home, but the signs of rodent infestations aren't always this obvious. In fact, most of the time, they're quite subtle.

Today, we're going to look at some of these subtle signs and hit on some of the ways rodents can have a negative impact when they get in.

a rat crawling across a table top inside of a home in souderton pennsylvania


Rodents will leave their feces around as they explore your home. If you have a mouse, these droppings can be found in some pretty strange places, like the backs of your kitchen drawers. Mice are great jumpers and they can gain access to some of your drawers from behind. Droppings will usually be left toward the back where the mouse feels safer.
Rats are larger rodents, so they tend to travel around in larger spaces, such as the cabinet under your kitchen sink. Mice will too. Take a peek in the back. If you find tiny droppings littered around, squish them with a pencil or pen to see if they're fresh. Old droppings will break apart. New droppings will have enough moisture to squish down. Wherever you look for droppings, keep in mind that they are likely to be hidden from view, such as behind the washer and dryer, between stored boxes and the wall, in the void under a jetted tub, etc. Rodents are skittish creatures.


If you have rodents in your home, you may begin to notice the aroma of urine. It might fill your attic space or you might notice it in your kitchen, especially under your stove or refrigerator. As with droppings, rodents leave their urine as they explore. They also leave it in areas they nest. This is why you might smell it coming from under your stove or refrigerator. These appliances can have insulation. Whether that insulation is fiberglass or foam, rodents can get into it and create a little nest.


Sometimes, rodents can create nests where you can see them. One location to look is in your attic space. These nests will usually be hidden from view, unless your mice feel confident to create them out in the open. You should see matted material, droppings, and possibly baby mice in these nests.

Interior Holes

Rodents can damage the structure of your home, the building materials in your home, and your belongings. If they do, you may see this damage. Look in low, hidden places for holes in baseboards, sheetrock, or wood. Inspect your furniture, especially stored furniture, for holes in the fabric.

Damaged Food Packages

If rodents can get into your food, they likely will. They'll target cardboard boxes, paper packages, and plastic packages first. These are easy to chew into and, in many cases, they can smell the food inside. Be aware that they don't just eat people food. They can get into dog and cat food as well. Don't be too quick to blame your pet when you find a hole in the side of their food package.

Exterior Holes

If you're not finding any evidence inside, you might see the proof of entry on the outside of your home. Rodents have some common locations they exploit. Look for chewed holes around doors and windows. Inspect the base of your home and look for holes in your mortar, cracks in your foundation wall, and openings around your plumbing and wire conduit.

When roof rats or squirrels get in, they will usually do so from a vulnerability on your roof or in your roofline. This area can be difficult or dangerous to check. Be cautious.

What To Do If You Have Rodents

Are you noticing signs of rodents in your Souderton home or would you like a second opinion? Remember that Moyer Pest Control is here to assist you. Our team is highly trained and experienced in rodent monitoring and control. Rodents can damage your belongings, spread illness in your home, and introduce ticks, flea, mites, and other parasites. Don't trust your rodent control to just anyone; Moyer is a leader in pest management with the credentials, track record, and reviews to prove it. We'll help you solve your rodent problem – just reach out to Moyer today!

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