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How To Tell If Clover Mites Have Invaded Your West Chester Home

Clover Mite Identification

There is a rumor going around that clover mites are invisible to the naked eye. While they are certainly small, at only a mere .75 mm in length, and they are able to sit on the tip of a pencil, you can see them, especially when you have hundreds of them coming into your home.

The mite that people are probably confusing clover mites for is the house dust mite, which is actually small enough to be considered invisible to the naked eye.

a clover mite crawling on a surface inside of a home in west chester pennsylvania

Clover Mites Or Chiggers?

The problem with identifying clover mites doesn't end with dust mites. There are other mites that can be mistaken for clover mites. One serious identification problem you may make is mistaking chiggers for clover mites. Both are red bugs and both are arachnids with 8 legs but one eats plants and the other eats people.
Clover mites are plant eaters. They have no interest in biting you at all. Chigger bites break down skin cells for digestion. If you find dozens or more bites on your body, especially in areas where clothing is pressed against your skin, you have a chigger problem, not a clover mite problem. If, however, you have tiny red bugs all over your plants, it is likely a clover mite infestation.
Another sign that you're dealing with a clover mite infestation is when you find these bugs coming into your home. Chiggers rarely enter homes. But they can be carried in on articles of clothing, so keep this in mind. If you find lots of tiny red bugs down by your baseboards, on a windowsill, or all over your basement, the bug you're dealing with is almost definitely a clover mite. It can be much harder to figure out which pest you're up against when you're on the outside of your home since both of these bugs can be found outside in large numbers.
Clover mites can be a serious pain when they get into landscaping. Those little red mites eat more than 200 different species of plants. They'll nibble on your flowers and ornamental plants with no partiality.

Clover Mite Prevention Tips

  • Create an 18 to 24-inch area around your home that is free of thick vegetation or plants. This may prevent clover mites from getting into your home by accident.

  • Do a detailed inspection of your foundation walls and seal any gaps, cracks, or holes you find. You'll have to look extremely close. It doesn't take much of an entry point to let these bugs in. Pay particular attention to the seals around door and window frames.

  • Clover mites eat mold and mildew. If you have water damage on your home, these little pests are likely to find it. Preventing water damage can make your home less attractive to clover mites and keep destructive pests like rodents and carpenter ants from creating pathways for clover mites and other pests.

  • Clover mites can live on a rooftop. Organic material in your gutter system or on your shingles can give them all the food they need. This makes roof penetrations and soffits potential entry points. There isn't a whole lot you can do to seal these against a clover mite invasion, it is just good to be aware that clover mites can come in from high points on your home, especially if you have tree branches that touch your roofline. Consider trimming tree branches to reduce this access point.

  • The best prevention of all is professional pest control. A professional will apply appropriate products, in appropriate amounts, to key areas to eliminate these tiny red bugs and stop them from getting into your home.

Professional Pest Control Is At Your Fingertips

It can be extremely difficult to exterminate clover mites with DIY pest control methods because these bugs can get into wall voids and other places that are difficult or impossible for you to get into, not to mention they are tiny and difficult to spot. Pest control professionals use field-tested pest control methods that take into account the behavior and characteristics of pests to provide complete control.

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