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How To Prevent Termites In Souderton Before They Become A Problem

Which Termites Are A Problem In Souderton?

When it comes to considering termite prevention in Souderton, the first step is to learn about the termites we deal with here. They're called subterranean termites and, as their name describes, they live underground. Not only do they live underground, but you're also not likely to see them above ground unless you move something in your yard.

These insects avoid the light and stay hidden in their moist tunnels to prevent dehydration. When subterranean termites get into structures, they continue to be elusive. They stay inside the wood they are feeding on. The only exception to this is the behavior of winged termites, which are drawn to light. Unfortunately, winged termites aren't a great warning sign.

It takes years for a termite nest to produce winged termites. It is best to look for other warning signs or do an inspection and try to uncover worker termites. This is what we're going to talk about today. We'll look at where to look for termites, how to spot termite damage, how to prevent termites from being attracted to your Souderton property, and what works to completely control termites.

If you're currently dealing with a termite problem and you need pest control in Souderton, jump over to our contact pages for immediate assistance. With that said, let's get started.

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Where To Look For Termites

We're going to be straight with you; it isn't easy to find termites. Those sneaky insects can even give the technicians here at Moyer Pest Control some trouble on rare occasions. There are two places you're going to look for termites. Here are some tips to help you in each of these zones.

Looking For Signs Of Termites In Your Yard

Subterranean termites prefer to be where it is moist and dark. You'll also find them near sources of wood.

  • If you have any dead branches in your yard, these could have termites in them. Break a branch apart and look for tiny pale-colored insects. Worker termites are only ⅛ of an inch, so they're not going to be smaller than grains of rice. Inspecting dead branches is the easiest way to find signs of termites in your yard.

  • If you have a woodpile, stump, dying tree, stack of cardboard, wood pallets, construction materials, scrap wood, mulch, or some other wood source, these are good places to look for termites. Inspect underneath, or chop into wood, to find active termites.

  • Inspect any points where structural wood has contact with the soil. Dig the soil away and look for trenches in the wood.

  • Subterranean termites create shelter tubes on foundations and other hard surfaces. These may appear as thin, wiggly lines of mud. If you find a tube, break a piece off. If the section is rebuilt in a day or two, you have active termites.

Looking For Signs Of Termites In Your Home

These signs are subtle. If you hope to detect a termite problem, you'll need to be thorough with your inspection.

  • Look for shelter tubes on interior surfaces. Your basement is a good place to start looking.


  • Tap on wood to see if it sounds hollow.

  • Listen for clicking. While rare, it is sometimes possible to hear termites hitting their heads on tunnel walls. They do this to warn of danger, such as an ant invasion.

How To Spot Termite Damage

One of the signs of termites in your home is termite damage. It deserves its own section. When a termite problem begins, you won't see the damage. It can take years for damage to appear. This damage will be subtle at first and slowly become obvious.

  • Early signs of damage may be found where wood touches soil, or in dark areas where wood is damp, such as in a crawl space.

  • Termite damage looks like water damage. If you see walls bulging, floors sinking down, or ceilings dipping, termites could be to blame.

  • Doors and windows can start to stick or windows can start to open and close freely.

  • Wood floors can begin to buckle.

Termite Prevention Tips

The first step in prevention is to do routine inspections. Along with these inspections, you can do things to make your property less interesting to termites.

  • When you pick up sticks, don't put them in a pile on the ground. Put them on a structure above ground.

  • Remove wood sources in your yard.

  • Clean gutters and make any repairs that need to be made. This will reduce moisture as an attractant.

  • Only give your landscaping the water it needs.

  • Never bury wood in your yard.

What Is Termite Control?

The best way to prevent termite damage is to control termites. This can be done by installing products that eliminate termite colonies. When workers come in contact with these products, they share the active ingredient and the attacking colony dies. At Moyer Pest Control, we use the most advanced and trusted termite control products. If you're looking for termite prevention in Souderton, reach out to us today. You don't have to let your property be damaged. Ever.

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