How to Prevent Fleas Around Your Souderton Yard Year-Round

Tiny & Mighty Pests In Souderton

Fleas are tiny – real tiny. However, the creatures that carry fleas into your Souderton yard aren't. When you see a deer walking through your backyard, that might be a cool sight but it is also a clear warning that fleas are being brought in. When you see two squirrels racing across your yard, remember that those fun squirrels leave not-so-fun fleas in your yard.

As you're relaxing with a cup of coffee and enjoying a bluebird sitting on your windowsill, you don't have to think about fleas at all, but you might have to think about ticks. Animals carry fleas, ticks, mites, lice, and other parasites on them. Controlling where wild animals are allowed to be in your yard can have an impact on your health and the health of your pets.

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5 Steps To Fewer Fleas In Your Yard


If you have traffic from larger animals, a fence around the recreational areas in your yard is a good first step. Fencing is also useful for protecting gardens, fruit trees, berry bushes, and other food sources or for keeping your dog from exploring your landscaping, where fleas tend to be.


Animals have a strong sense of smell. If you have exposed trash, you're going to lure them in. In fact, you don't even have to have exposed trash. All it takes is a dirty trash receptacle. Make sure all your trash is in sealed receptacles and be sure to keep the outsides of your receptacles clean. This will resist wildlife.


Many animals will be drawn to a yard that has harborage options. A toy left on the lawn is the perfect place for a mouse to hide. A stack of objects in your yard will be ideal for a Norway rat that likes to burrow under piles and make their den. Not only will harborage locations in your yard increase your flea populations, they will also increase the number of rodents you'll have and rodents are the worst animals to have in your yard because they bring fleas right into your home. Remove yard clutter and stow items inside your shed, garage or home if possible. Animals also like to create a home under porches, decks, sheds, and other structures. When they do, the chances of adult fleas developing in your yard is increased. Fleas have a greater chance of surviving in a nest, den, or burrow created by an animal.


Animals need something to drink and many homes give them a lot of options for watering holes. Broken or clogged gutters let rainwater run over and form puddles near foundation walls. Leaks in plumbing, spigots, and hoses allow water to accumulate. Excessive water of landscaping and lawns can leave puddles in the yard. Excessive shade can keep rainwater from being dried up after it rains. And objects left in the yard can become containers for rainwater. Address gutter problems quickly, repair leaks, give your plants only the water they need, trim trees to let sunlight in, and remove yard clutter.

Flea Reduction

If you want added protection on top of doing the above prevention tips or you'd prefer to not have to worry as much about the above tips, flea reduction service from a pest control professional is the perfect addition to your pest control plan. When you have routine visits from a trained and educated service professional and an application of EPA-approved products to key areas in your yard, it is the best protection possible.

Professional Flea Reduction Services In Souderton

At Moyer, we offer flea reduction services as part of our Complete Home Guard and Complete Home Guard Plus residential pest control plans. Along with those fleas, you'll have coverage for other harmful creatures. Those mice and rats that can bring fleas into your home and spread them around from top to bottom are covered. Dirty cockroaches that spread over 33 harmful bacteria including E. coli and Salmonella are covered. Yellow jackets and other wasps that can sting you in your yard are covered. Fleas aren't the only pests that can make you sick and leave wounds on your skin. Home Guard gives you the protection you need from all of them. To get started with pest control services for your Souderton home, contact Moyer Pest Control today!

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