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How To Prepare For Spring Pests In Souderton

Every year, the critters in Souderton come back to life - so to speak. While you may see the occasional squirrel or chipmunk in your yard during the winter, pest activity starts to climb quickly when things warm up. Today, we're going to talk about personal pest control in Souderton and how you can keep many common pests out of your home this spring. We're also going to touch on some of the key ways a home pest control service can get you extra protection.

Types Of Spring Pests In Souderton

In the spring, the service team here at Moyer Pest Control starts to see all kinds of pests reappearing as they perform service visits and take care of home pest control for customers. We see pests that buzz around in the air. We see pests that crawl on the ground. We see pests that scale walls or spring through the air.

  • Ants that hide underground during the winter, start to crawl around on driveways, landscape plants, and exterior walls. 

  • Flies that went dormant in the cold, fly around exterior trash receptacles.

  • Carpenter bees buzz around decks, porches, and sheds.

  • Wasps buzz around rooflines.

  • Spiders hang out in their newly-formed webs.

There are lots of pests that start making an appearance in spring, but we also see signs of pests that don't show themselves, such as mice, rats, cockroaches, carpenter ants, termites, and more. These hidden pests are often the worst. They're also why we recommend that you strongly consider pest control for your home.

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Problems Spring Pests Cause

It is unlikely that you want any of Souderton's spring pests in your home, but home pest control prices may prevent you from investing in residential pest control services. As you consider what to do about pests in your yard, you should be aware that they can be more than an annoyance.

  • Some pests make us sick.

  • Some get into homes and damage stored items.

  • Some get into homes and lay their eggs in stored foods.

  • Some tunnel in wood or feed on wood.

  • Some chew holes in building materials and sometimes chew on wiring.

  • Some bite or sting.

  • Some rip up insulation and damage wallpaper and other materials.

  • Some stain carpets, drapes, bedding, furniture, and other materials with their excrement.

The cost of having pests in your home can range from minor to severe. As you consider home pest control prices, keep in mind that pests take money out of your pocket. We can't tell you how much they'll cost you, be we can tell you for certain that they'll cost you a whole lot less if you have routine service visits from a licensed pest professional.

A hidden cost that often takes residents by surprise is the cost of using DIY home pest control products to correct pest issues. Not only do these products cost you money, but there can also be other costs involved.

Improper pest control can cause trap shy rodents or insects that are bait averse. Treatments can cause ant colonies to split and multiply your problem. On top of these unwanted results, the cost of DIY home control products becomes an extra cost when you ultimately decide to contact a pest control provider, and their use may make it more difficult for a professional to handle your problem.

Six Prevention Tips To Keep Spring Pests Out

There are many things you can do to prevent pests from getting into your home. You can use these home pest control tips alone or as added protection when you invest in home pest control services:

  • Seal exterior gaps and holes. A caulking gun is a great tool for doing this. Also, check to make sure screens are free of holes and that weatherstripping and door sweeps don't have any gaps.

  • Clear your gutters of any obstructions and make repairs to damaged splash blocks or downspouts. This will reduce perimeter moisture and deter moisture pests. Along with this, keep your landscaping free of weeds and other unwanted vegetation, and remove leaves, sticks, and other debris.

  • Keep your trash in covered containers. Keep containers well away from exterior doors, and deodorize your containers if they start to smell.

  • Remove birdfeeders, or move them well away from your exterior. Seeds are a desirable source of food for many pests.

  • Remove objects that pests can hide under or inside.

Call A Professional For Help

The home pest control tips listed above can have a big impact on how many pests you find in your home this year but, as we pointed out, there is no better way to reduce pest activity and keep pests out of your home than to invest in professional pest control for your home. Year-round home pest control gives you routine inspections, appropriate treatments, general pest maintenance, and essential feedback. For assistance with finding the right solution for you, reach out to Moyer Pest Control today.

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