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How To Know If You Have A Rodent Problem In Your Souderton Home

You might think that sounds of bumping and thumping inside your walls will be the first sign that you have a rodent problem, but mice and rats can silently infest your home for months without you knowing it. We don't recommend that you wait until you hear them. If you do, you could end up having extensive property damage or struggle with ongoing health issues. We've put together five of the best ways to tell that you have mice or rats infesting your home. These should give you what you need to detect rodents before they can do too much harm.

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Rodents leave their droppings everywhere, including where they sleep. If you go into an attic void, where there is exposed insulation, you may see black pellets littered about if mice or rats are infesting your home. Fresh droppings will be dark colored and squishy. Wear gloves if you intend to squish one. You may also find droppings in other voids around your home, such as in the cabinet under your kitchen sink or behind food packages in your pantry.


When you inspect attic voids, look for nests. An attic space is often an ideal location for mice or rats to live. The nests they make will be made from soft materials they've collected from your home, such as insulation, shredded paper, cotton, and other fibers. These nests will be tucked into cavities, recesses, or inside stored furniture and boxes. Keep in mind that an absence of nests in your attic does not mean that you don't have an infestation. Nests can be in many other places. It is also possible for a rodent to go in and out of your home frequently without ever creating an indoor nest.


There are so many places you can find holes created by rodents. They create holes to get into your home. They create holes to go between rooms. They create holes in items you store in your attic and storage rooms. They create holes in food packages. Here are a few good places to look first:

  • Inspect the frames around exterior doors and windows.

  • Inspect baseboards, especially in secluded locations.

  • Inspect boxes, furniture, and other items in storage.

  • Inspect food packages in pantries.

Pets Acting Strangely

If you notice your dog or cat is acting oddly in your kitchen, you could have an infestation. Dogs and cats can hear and smell things you can't. If a dog begins sniffing around, scratching, or pacing, it may be detecting something. If a cat crouches and begins to stare under your cabinets or into the gap between your dishwasher and sink cabinet, you could have a rodent problem.

Oil Streaks

As rodents run through a room, they prefer to keep one side touching the wall. This tends to create oil streaks on baseboards and other building materials that are close to the floor. The fur coat of a mouse or rat can be filthy. They climb around in dumpsters, trash cans, sewers, and other dirty places.

Rodent Problems

What problems do rodents present when they secretly get into your home and move about? The list is actually quite long. Here are just a few of the many ways mice and rats can be an issue for you, your family, and your pets.

  • The holes they chew in your exterior can let rainwater into your home. This can lead to wood rot and mold.

  • The holes they chew in your exterior can let other pests into your home.

  • They can damage items you have stored in your attic.

  • They can get into your kitchen and pantry foods and contaminate them.

  • They can spread ticks and fleas around your home.

  • Rats can be aggressive and bite if they are cornered or feel threatened.

What To Do When You Detect Rodents

As soon as you detect mice or rats, contact Moyer Pest Control. We use advanced technologies and trusted methods for trapping and removing rodent pests. If you have questions or you'd like to schedule to meet with one of our licensed pest professionals, reach out to us today. At Moyer, we know how to keep rodents out of your home for good. We're standing by to help.

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