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How To Get Rid Of Silverfish In Your Souderton Home Once & For All

Do silverfish keep showing up inside your Souderton home? Have you attempted to apply treatments to get rid of them? Sadly, treatments often fall short when it comes to silverfish. This leaves your belongings at risk of being damaged. If you've had enough of silverfish, we have some ideas that will help you get them under control.

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Get Control Of Silverfish Attractants

Silverfish can seem mysterious, but they really aren't all that mysterious. These insects are drawn to the exterior of homes that are moist. They hide under piles of leaves, grass clippings, wood piles, and other sheltered locations where moisture is present. If you have conditions near your home that provide a sheltered location for silverfish, this is part of the reason you're seeing them in your home. The first step is to alter the conditions around your home to remove harborage options and moisture.

Tips for removing exterior attractants:

  • Rake leaves away from your foundation walls.

  • Remove grass clippings and brush piles.

  • Create an 18-inch buffer zone around your home.

  • Remove unnecessary lawn clutter.

  • Clean your gutters and make sure there are no breaks in your system.

  • Fix exterior plumbing issues.

  • Remove containers that capture rainwater.

Seal Entry Points Silverfish Are Using To Get Inside

It can seem like silverfish chew on wood and damage it because they're often found crawling around on rotting wood that has been damaged by carpenter ants or some other wood-destroying pests. But silverfish don't eat wood. They will, however, take advantage of entry points created by these other pests. Filling in these holes or replacing damaged wood is the first step for keeping silverfish out of your home.

Other ways to seal entry points silverfish may use:

  • Replace damaged door sweeps.

  • Replace damaged weatherstripping.

  • Repair or replace damaged screens.

  • Seal foundation cracks.

  • Seal gaps around pipes and other foundation penetrations.

Remove Food Sources

While it is nearly impossible to remove all the food sources around, or inside, your Souderton home, you can limit the food. This can reduce the production of silverfish and make your home less attractive. One of the most enticing food sources for silverfish is damp paper. This may be books stored in a humid location, cardboard boxes that are in a damp shed, or something similar. Do an inspection and get control of food sources. Use plastic totes to store paper and cloth items that are in damp or humid storage areas. Put photos in sealed plastic bags. Not only will you be removing these food sources, you'll be protecting your belongings from silverfish and moisture damage.

Another food source to consider is foods in your pantry or kitchen that are high in carbohydrates. Put sugar, flour, corn starch, and other similar foods in sealed glass or hard plastic containers to remove these as a food source, and to protect these items from contamination. This will also help to protect your foods from pantry pests like Indian meal moths.

Kill The Silverfish In Your Home

Silverfish require moisture to live. If you eliminate moisture, they may dry out and die. It depends on whether or not they can find a moisture point inside the voids of your home. This is certainly worth a shot.

  • Reduce moisture and humidity in your home by:

  • Running the fan when you take a shower or bath

  • Installing fans in rooms that get humid

  • Installing dehumidifiers in your basement or cellar

  • Fixing leaky faucets and any plumbing issues

What Your Moyer Pest Professional Can Do

It can take time to eliminate silverfish. If you want faster results, we can help. The Moyer service team uses a systematic approach to locate areas of infestation and eliminate silverfish. We'll help you get control of these destructive pests and help you protect your belongings from damage.

Ongoing Silverfish Control

Looking for more than a temporary fix? We can help with that too. We provide residential pest control plans that give coverage for silverfish. Our plans offer long-term, sustainable pest protection for your home. Take a look at our Exterior Home Guard, Complete Home Guard, and Platinum Home Guard plans. Select the options you want and get coverage for the pests that matter most to you. It's easy to get started. Request a free inspection today.

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