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How To Get Rid Of Rodents On Your West Chester Property

Get Rid Of Rodents In West Chester

If you plan to address a mouse or rat infestation in your West Chester property, you need to know what you're up against. Mice and rats are clever animals that are able to adapt to hostile environments. Before you can truly appreciate what works to get rid of rodents, you need to understand this adaptive ability.

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Rodents are nocturnal animals, right?

Yes. Mice and rats prefer to be active at night, but they can change their behavior and adapt. When addressing a rodent infestation at a zoo, a pest control company decided to bring in snow owls. These birds are active at night and feed on rodents. This seemed like a great idea because the owls would naturally cull the rodent population and deal with the problem organically. No control products would be needed. Unfortunately, the results were unexpected. The rodents, which preferred to be active during the night, started to become active during the day instead. As you can imagine, this was not good for business. An effective strategy must take into account that rodents can change their behavior to avoid danger.

Roof rats will go away if they can't get into your attic, right?

We often suggest that roof rats be controlled by trimming branches away from the roofline of homes. This works. If it didn't, we wouldn't suggest it. But there was one occasion where a homeowner removed all the trees from his property, and the roof rats started to burrow under the foundation, like Norway rats. It is important to have a complete understanding of the rodent pressures on your property and not to rely on one control method. That way, when rodents alter their expected behavior, you'll know it.

How do you deal with these clever and adaptive animals? 

Rodent control is a process. At Moyer Pest Control, our technicians use the following strategy to get a clear picture of the problem and work the problem to find an effective solution. If you intend to try and get control of a rodent issue on your own, we suggest you do the same.

Inspect — Before we apply treatments, we evaluate the infestation. This provides vital information that will determine how many traps we deploy, where we deploy them, what other control products will be needed, and what other methods might need to be applied.

Traps — We follow field-test strategies to deploy tamper-resistant devices and remove them without alerting the surviving rodents to a threat.

Maintenance — There are many methods for reducing food, water, and harborage for mice and rats. These can have a big impact on rodent activity. We provide guidance and services to apply this important maintenance. Some examples are the removal of objects on your property, the application of fencing to protect voids under structures, and effective sanitation plans.

ExclusionsMice and rats may get into your home through tiny holes in your exterior. An adult mouse can fit through a hole the size of a dime. If its head can fit through, the rest of its body can squeeze through as well. We have skilled technicians who are able to apply appropriate materials to seal entry points and bolster vulnerable areas that rodents are chewing on. 

Monitoring — We use devices and inspection methods to ensure the success of the rodent control program. This is essential. Without effective monitoring, mice and rat control can fail without giving any visible signs. These animals can be quite secretive and live within a structure without providing any noticeable warning signs for many months.

Are you having trouble with rodents?

It's a lot of work to get control of mice and rats. It can also be very frustrating work if you accidentally educate the rodents on your property or inside your home. When they catch wind that it is your intention to exterminate them, they can do some very unusual things to protect themselves. The best solution is to let an experienced pest control technician have a crack at it first. This is the kind of problem that can be made worse if you don't do your research and get things right the first time.

Do you live in West Chester, PA?

If you live in West Chester, you're in our service area. Let Moyer Pest Control handle those rodents. We use industry-leading rodent control strategies to arrest infestations and provide long-lasting rodent exclusion. We would love the opportunity to discuss this with you. We can even do it in person. Just fill out our short contact form and we'll send a technician over to take a look at your rodent problem. There is no better way to deal with mice and rat problems in West Chester, Pennsylvania. Connect with us today.

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