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How To Get Rid Of Fleas In Your Souderton Home

What To Do About Fleas In Souderton

Have you been battling a flea infestation? Are you at your wits end? This is the story we hear quite a bit. Why? Because fleas are tough insects. You can throw everything but the kitchen sink at them and still have a flea infestation. Today, we're going to take a look at how DIY flea control can fail in surprising ways, simply because most people don't really understand how a flea infestation kindles like a fire. In exploring the failure of flea control, you'll clearly see what does work to get rid of fleas in Souderton homes.  

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Does Diatomaceous Earth Kill Fleas?

Yes. It can. When adult fleas crawl through this material, it cuts the exoskeletons and this causes them to lose moisture and die from dehydration. As a desiccant, DE works great. Unfortunately, DE sits on top of your carpets, furniture, and other things you sprinkle it on. It doesn't get deep. Why is this a problem? Because the larvae of fleas are worms, not springing insects. They wiggle around in your carpets and furniture where the DE will have no effect on them. When they cocoon themselves and develop through the pupae stage into the adult stage, they can remain in the cocoon for a very long time. So, unless you are looking to live for a very long time in a home covered in DE, you're not likely to have success controlling fleas with this natural substance.

Does Vinegar Work To Kill Fleas?

Yes. It can. If you spray a flea with a vinegar and water solution, the flea will dry out and die. This is another great desiccant. Unfortunately, vinegar has some drawbacks. Here are a few to consider:

  • It doesn't get deep enough to kill most larvae.

  • It doesn't kill the eggs.

  • When applied to surfaces, rugs, and furniture, it dries up long before an adult flea lands on it.

Do Pet Store Products Work?

Yes. They can. There are many products you can get from the pet store. All of them can work under the right conditions. If they didn't, the pet stores wouldn't sell them. Unfortunately, there are even problems that can arise with these man-made products that are designed to exterminate fleas.

  • Sprays and powders don't get deep enough to kill most larvae.

  • Sprays and powders don't destroy flea eggs. This can allow fleas to emerge later and your flea infestation can continue.

Do Flea Baths Stop Fleas?

They can. A flea bath can help to rid your pet of fleas, and help to keep more fleas from coming into your home from the outside. Unfortunately, a bath will do very little to get control of a flea infestation in your home. The fleas can start biting you to get the blood they need. We don't imagine that is the outcome you're hoping for. If you give your pets a flea bath, it is important to also take steps to address the infestation in your home.

What Can You Do?

Along with bathing your pets and applying other flea protection suggested by your veterinarian, such as flea collars, we recommend these tips for a small infestation.

  • Vacuum frequently.

  • Clean pet bedding.

  • Clean your bedding, especially if your pet lays on your bed.

  • It may be necessary to rent a steam cleaner. The heat can kill fleas and their eggs.

    Remove weeds and tall grass around your home. This can make the environment less habitable for fleas.

  • Control wildlife activity around your home. Animals bring fleas into your yard and expose your pets to them. Use fencing material to prevent animals from creating dens and nests underneath structures, and make sure all garbage is stored in covered and secured receptacles.

  • Apply exclusions to prevent mice and rats from getting into your home. Mice and rats add an additional complexity to your flea control problem. A single mouse can have a hundred fleas on it. Seal every opening, gap, and hole that is larger than a dime.

How A Professional Can Help

If you have ongoing issues with fleas, there are three ways the team here at Moyer Pest Control can help. 

  • Our licensed technicians use residual products to treat homes. These continue working for months. When fleas hatch and develop into adults, the applied treatments knock down the emerging fleas and prevent them from continuing the cycle of infestation.

  • We provide exterior treatments to prevent fleas from developing a population near your home. This stops fleas from continuing to come into your home on your pets.

  • If rodents are a catalyst for your flea infestation, we offer advanced rodent control.

For more information about flea control, or to schedule service, reach out to Moyer today. We offer industry-leading flea and pest control in Souderton, PA. We'll help you find an effective and long-lasting solution for your flea problems.

Carpenter Ants

Worker ants of this species range from ¼ to a ½ inch and are the largest ants you'll find crawling around inside your home. Their large size should help you easily distinguish them from odorous house ants, even though both have a single node between their thorax and abdomen. This node is also not covered by the thorax, like on the odorous house ant. It can be easily seen when observing a carpenter ant from above.

These ants establish colonies of up to 10,000 individuals, with one queen. Nests are created in rotted logs, dead trees, wood piles, sheds, outbuildings, telephone poles, and inside the walls of manmade structures. The damage they do to wood makes the carpenter ant a particular threat to property. When found, a professional pest controller should be called to do a detailed inspection, and to exterminate all ants present.

Carpenter ants are drawn to areas of moisture and are most likely to attack wood that has been softened by water. To deter these pests, remove all standing water on your property, keep leaves and sticks raked up, and establish wood piles at least 20 feet from your home.

Professional Pest Control In Pennsylvania

Providing pest control services in Telford, West Chester, Levittown, and all throughout Pennsylvania, Moyer is ready to help you get rid of ants. Our QualityPro certified team is well-versed in ant control is has the tools to combat ants on your property, no matter how severe an infestation. Contact us to schedule immediate ant control!

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