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How Mice Get Into Your Souderton Home & How To Keep Them Out

Keep Mice Out Of Your Souderton Home

Mice are common pests, not only in Souderton, but throughout the entire world. The most common of all mouse pests is the house mouse, which is most often brown with a white belly. These rodents have distinct mouse features: A long, thin tail, pointed nose, and small, stout body. Today, we're going to take a look at how these little rodents get into homes in Souderton. And, perhaps more importantly, how you can keep them out of yours.

Routes Mice Take

A mouse can select from two routes to get into your home. It may explore the base of your home and find an entry point near the ground, or it may find a way up onto your roof and get in through a vulnerability up there. Mice are great climbers. They can work their way up one of the downspouts of your gutter system or climb a nearby tree and use a branch to get onto your roof.

house mouse on wooden floor

Common Low Entry Points

  • A gap around a pipe is perfect for mice. All a mouse needs is a gap the size of a dime to get into your home.

  • A broken window pane may be enough. A little mouse can get inside and then chew through the frame to get all the way in.

  • A mouse can make short work of an old door sweep or some weatherstripping at the base of your exterior doors.

  • A screen on a porch can easily be breached by a mouse. Once on your porch, it could find a secluded location to slowly chew through a piece of wood or some other building material to get inside.

  • An unprotected dryer exhaust can let a little mouse inside. It can crawl up into the vent tunnel and chew through the wall to get into your home.

  • Rotting wood can invite a mouse to get into your home. It likes to chew on rotting wood. If it chews on a sole plate, it can get up into your wall voids.

Common High Entry Points

  • If you have roof soffit intersections, these are ideal for a little mouse. They can chew right through the thin aluminum of fascia, and also the wood of your roofline.

  • Rubber seals around roof penetrations can be breached by a mouse.

  • A resourceful mouse can climb a chimney and go down the stack and find an entry point.

Tips To Keep Mice Out

Obviously, the first tip we can give is to do routine inspections and seal potential entry points in your exterior. This may include fixing screens, replacing weatherstripping, installing door sweeps, applying covers to dryer exhaust outlets, sealing foundation cracks, repairing window panes, and repairing damage done to your roofline and roof penetration seals. Along with these, we would recommend trimming branches away from your roofline and putting wire into your downspouts to keep mice from getting to the roof. But, the best way to stop mice from getting into your home is to deter them from wanting to be near your home in the first place.

Here are some suggestions:

  • Keep your trash receptacles clean. Odors can attract mice.

  • Keep your trash covered. Mice are impressive climbers and jumpers. While they're small, they can get into trash receptacles.

  • Remove objects from near your home, especially wood stacks and organic debris, such as leaves, sticks, grass clipping, acorns, etc.

  • Move bird feeders away from your exterior. The seeds that fall on the ground are an ideal food source for mice.

  • Address any conditions that create standing water. Mice need water more than they need food.

  • Keep your landscaping trimmed neatly, especially at the base of bushes, shrubs, and thick ornamental plants. An open landscape will make timid mice feel more exposed.

If Mice Get In

Mice can present a health hazard. They're implicated in the spread of many diseases and they carry ticks and fleas which have their own list of diseases. Mice are also destructive pests that can damage your belongings and your home. We strongly recommend addressing a mouse infestation as quickly as possible. If you need assistance with mouse control in Souderton, remember that the licensed pest professionals here at Moyer Pest Control are always available to help. We use the most advanced technologies and strategies to get control of rodents and other wildlife pests. We can help.

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