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How Long Does Bed Bug Season Last In Souderton?

There are many bugs that have a season. During the summer, you might say, it is mosquito season. During the fall, you might say, it's stink bug season. But, do bed bugs have a season? If so, how long does it last? Let's take a look.

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Indoor Pests

The first factor to consider is that bed bugs aren't outdoor pests. They don't live in your yard. Bed bugs are almost exclusively indoor pests, moving from structure to structure. They rarely—if ever—go outside. They can live in a home or business all year long and never cease to be active. So, it wouldn't be incorrect to say that bed bug season never ends.


Bed bugs are most active in temperatures between 65 and 85. If you keep your Souderton home chilly, bed bugs will not be as active. We're not saying that you'll stop them entirely, but you can stunt their population growth by keeping your home cool.


These insects are attracted to moisture, particularly perspiration. They're also more active in humid spaces. Studies have revealed that bed bug activity increases in spaces that have a relative humidity of 50 to 70 percent. If your home is not climate-controlled, humid Souderton days could increase the humidity in your home and make it humid enough to inspire bed bugs to be more active at night.


In the winter, it can get pretty cold outside, but that cold stays outside of most Souderton homes. The warmer you keep your home during the winter months, the more active bed bugs may be. But, a heated home in the winter is often drier than bed bugs like. So they may not feed as often. If they're infesting a room that gets cold, they may not feed at all. This is the one situation in which bed bugs may be somewhat seasonal. Bed bugs can live as long as 400 days without feeding. They can easily last a cold winter in dormancy.

Bed Bug Infestations

When considering the seasonality of pests, it is possible to determine when you're going to be at risk of an infestation. Stink bugs, as an example, will attempt to get into your home in the fall when it gets cold outside. Bed bugs can get into your home any time of year because they hitchhike from one location to another. Here are a few examples of how you can acquire a bed bug infestation, even in the middle of winter.

  • Bed bugs get into wall voids and can move between apartments.

  • Bed bugs can get into your luggage, bags, and clothing when you stay somewhere away from home. Many Souderton residents visit family and friends during the winter holidays.

  • Bed bugs can be carried into your home by a neighbor, a friend, a family member, or even a repairman.

  • Bed bugs can be carried home by your kids after a sleepover.

  • Bed Bugs can be brought home by college-age kids. College dormitories are at risk for bed bug infestations because they house students from all over the world, even from countries where bed bug control and general pest control are minimal.

  • Children can pick bed bugs up at daycare.

  • You can bring bed bugs home from work or school.

A bed bug infestation can happen any time of year. While outdoor temperatures and humidity can play a role in activity and dispersal, it is important to stay vigilant about bed bug prevention.

Bed Bug Tips

  • Always do inspections when you stay the night away from home. Look for black feces, dried brown bloodstains, tiny white eggs, shed skins, or the presence of bed bugs.

  • Always protect your laundry. Bed bugs are attracted to items you've worn. Store laundry in a sealed plastic bag.

  • Put all your laundry through a 30-minute dryer cycle when you return from a trip, just in case you accidentally picked up bed bugs or bed bug eggs.

  • Always inspect second-hand items that you bring into your home. Bed bugs don't just hide in mattresses, box springs and bed frames. They can be found in many items, including electronics.

  • Refrain from storing your bags or clothing in dark lockers with items belonging to someone else. Bed bugs can be active in dark spaces, even in the daytime.

  • Refrain from putting bags or clothing next to the items belonging to someone else. Bed bugs may be able to move between them without being exposed to the light.

When You Find Bed Bugs

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