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How Cockroaches Get Inside Souderton Homes 

Common Cockroaches In Souderton, PA

There over 4,500 cockroach species in the world. That's a lot of roaches! Fortunately, only about 30 of those 4,500 species are considered pests. And of those 30, there are only about 3 that commonly invade homes and businesses here in the United States. One of those species is aptly named the American cockroach. The others are the German cockroach and the Oriental cockroach.

While there are some differences between these three cockroach species, the way they get into our Souderton homes is the same. That’s what we’re going to be taking a look at in this article.

a cockroach crawling on the floor of a home in souderton pennsylvania

Common Cockroach Hiding Places

Some of the places they'll explore first include shaded areas, damp locations, decaying wood, piles of organic matter, and rocks. These places provide many things that cockroaches are drawn to, one of which is moisture.

  • Most cockroaches tend to avoid sun exposure as it dries them out. So they'll hide under bushes, plants, and the shade of tree canopies as well as under any structures in your yard that provide shade. This will draw invading roaches under your deck, porch, patio, stairs, and other structures.

  • Cockroaches require moisture in order to survive. How much moisture they require depends on the species, but they're all attracted to it. That means a leaky spigot or an obstructed gutter system can create favorable conditions for cockroaches on your property. That’s the last thing any homeowner wants! To avoid this, address any areas of standing water in your yard and fix any leaky or damaged fixtures to reduce cockroach populations.

  • If you have a woodpile next to your home, you're asking for trouble; invading cockroaches often use piles of wood for hiding places and harborage before finding their way inside.

  • Cockroaches will often explore leaf litter and organic debris that is scattered throughout your yard, so it’s important to keep sticks and leaves raked up if you want fewer cockroaches around your home.

  • Cockroaches have a preference for tight spaces which why they are often found in the gaps between rocks; it’s also why they often find their way inside through gaps in your foundation wall.

Common Cockroach Entry Points

If you have conditions near your home that attract cockroaches, you'll have more roaches exploring your walls and finding gaps, cracks, and holes to climb in through. Some common entry points that roaches exploit include:

  • Gaps around window frames. It can be shocking how gaps can form around windows. This is because windows don't fit perfectly into the walls. When they're installed, a sealant must be put around the frame to make them watertight. This sealant can break down over time and create openings. It's vital that homeowners periodically check the seal around their windows and use a caulking gun to seal things up again. Otherwise, cockroaches aren't the only thing that will be getting into your home. These openings can provide entry points for many other pests as well as allow rainwater to get in.

  • Gaps around doors. Just like windows, door frames can develop gaps. But doors have more troubles than this. If the weatherstripping on your exterior doors wears out, it can provide an opening for cockroaches to get inside. Damaged weatherstripping should be replaced when light can be seen shining through the gaps.

  • Water-damaged wood. Since cockroaches are drawn to moisture, they often stumble upon a rotted sill. Not the sills of your windows but the sills of your walls, just above the foundation. When soaked by rainwater, they can begin to rot. Pests can then chew on that rotted wood and create holes that cockroaches can crawl through to gain access into your home.

  • Openings in the roofline. If cockroaches get onto your roof, they can easily find their way into your attic spaces. While they can climb your walls to get to your roof, often it is tree branches that touch your roofline that provides them with the route they need.

The trick to keeping cockroaches out of your Souderton home is to keep the moisture on your property to a minimum, keep your yard raked up, keep your grass and vegetation trimmed, and seal any entry points in the exterior of your home. If this isn't enough, it may be necessary to apply a barrier of pest control products around your home. This is best done by a licensed and experienced pest control professional.

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An improper application of pesticides can make everyone in your home become ill. That’s why turning to a pest control expert for cockroach control is so important! The professionals know which products and methods to use, where to use it, and how much to use to eliminate cockroaches without having adverse effects on people and pets. The last thing you need to do is replace one health issue with another one!

At Moyer Pest Control, we use Integrated Pest Management, green pest control, and a targeted application of EPA-approved products to treat Souderton homes for cockroaches. For cockroach control in Souderton and throughout our service area, contact us today to schedule pest control services for cockroaches!

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