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In a place like Hereford, we understand the value of history. The people who came before us laid the foundation for who we are today, and we’d be remiss to not recognize their contribution to everything we now have. 

At Moyer Pest Control, we understand this kind of appreciation because of our 140-year heritage. As one of the first professional pest control companies to exist in Pennsylvania, we have a long-standing tradition of solving pest problems for Hereford home and business owners, and that’s a tradition we take very seriously. 

When pests are threatening your investment, your health, or your way of life, don’t you want someone on your side who knows local pests with extensive experience? Our commitment to treating our customers like family and upholding our tradition of guaranteed satisfaction is what sets us apart from the crowd, so make the right choice today. Call Moyer Pest Control for the most experienced pest control company in the Hereford area. 


Home Pest Control In Hereford, PA

When your home is being invaded by the typical Hereford pests, your home, health, and family are all at risk. Unfortunately, the pests in Hereford that love to invade homes the most are also the ones that bring the most structural damage and health hazards. 

With what’s most important to you at risk, you need the most experienced form of pest control assistance in the region. You need Moyer Pest Control. From specific eradication methods to general pest-prevention methods, our team of highly trained pest technicians utilizes the very best tools the industry has to offer to make sure everyone on your property stays safe as we get rid of your pest problems for good. Give us a call today to schedule an inspection before your pest problems get out of control.

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Commercial Pest Control Solutions In Hereford, PA

Pest problems in your business facility can put your customers, employees, inventory, and your facility itself at risk. Plus, you could run into a serious public relations problem if a customer snaps a picture of pest activity in your facility. You can never be too careful in these days of social media and camera phones. 

With your livelihood and investment on the line, dealing with pest problems yourself is one of the most high-risk business ventures you could ever take. To mitigate the risks of pest problems on your property, put your trust in Moyer Pest Control’s proven track record. From roaches to rodents, termites, and invasive ants, we have the specific pest services to eradicate problems before customers notice. 

Plus, we have on-ongoing treatments that combine comprehensive inspections and custom protection plans for your facility. From healthcare facilities to restaurants and everything in between, we take pride in protecting all kinds of commercial facilities in Hereford. Give us a call today to protect your business with the kind of pest control care it needs.


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Five Mosquito Control Tricks For Hereford, PA Property Owners

When you try to enjoy time in your yard, mosquitoes can be a very frustrating presence. However, mosquitoes are also some of the most dangerous animals on the planet, transmitting diseases at an alarmingly high rate. It’s very important that you understand these five things that you can do yourself to avoid attracting mosquitoes to yourself and your yard:

  • Limit standing water around the property.

  • Avoid dawn and dusk activities when mosquitoes are most active.

  • Wear light-colored clothing.

  • Avoid heavily scented shampoos, deodorants, and fragrances.

  • Apply mosquito repellant regularly during outdoor events.

While these methods can help reduce your chances of disease incursion, they won’t get rid of your mosquito problem entirely. Fortunately for you, Moyer Pest Control has professional mosquito treatments that can provide a comprehensive solution to your problems. 

Our vast experience has shown us how bi-monthly treatments, combined with the most effective and eco-friendly mosquito sprays, can reduce populations drastically in your yard; we even bundle these services at a discount with our general programs. Give us a call today to protect yourself from dangerous mosquitoes on your property.


Are Mice And Rats Living On Your Hereford, PA Property?

When mice and rats invade your Hereford home or business, they’ll bring the potential for structural damage and health hazards with alarming frequency. Equipped with sharp teeth and flexible bodies, these invasive pests can chew and squeeze their way through most of the openings that your structure provides. Once they’re in, they’ll chew through almost anything of value and spread dangerous bacteria all over the place, putting you at risk of disease incursion. 

Since they reproduce rapidly within your walls and avoid human interaction, it can be very difficult to figure out how robust an infestation is. Once you start noticing rodent droppings in the corners of the rooms, chewed up linens in low-traffic areas, or scurrying noises up in the attic, then it’s past time to call the professionals. Trying to get rid of mice and rats by yourself is not only ineffective but very dangerous as well. 

With Moyer Pest Control, you’ll get the rodent eradication methods that can get them out quickly and safely. Plus, our technicians can suggest the proper ongoing protection plan for your property to ensure that your rodent problems become a thing of the past. Give us a call today to protect your home or business from destructive, disease-spreading mice and rats. 


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