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Pest Control For Gwynedd, PA

Located right at the intersection of Sumneytown Pike and U.S. Route 202, is our small community of Gwynedd, PA. We have ample sources of natural beauty, from Wissahickon Creek and Merrymead Farm to the Natural Land’s Gwynedd Preserve. However, the locals aren’t the only ones who enjoy it here. Nuisance pests are also big fans of our climate, and that makes your Gwynedd property vulnerable to the possibility of pest infestation. The most effective way to protect yourself from pests is with help from the professionals.

Moyer Pest Control offers extensive yard maintenance, moisture control, and pest management solutions to homes and businesses throughout the Lehigh Valley. Since 1896, our company has protected local properties from the harms of pest infestation. From bed bugs, mosquitoes, and termites, to moisture issues, plumbing, and lawn care, the team at Moyer covers it all. Our treatment plans start at just $25, and our 100% satisfaction guarantee means we won’t stop until your property is completely pest-free. Call us today to set up an initial inspection!


Residential Pest Control In Gwynedd, PA

Owning a home is a huge deal. It comes with a long list of responsibilities; the last thing in the world you have time to think about is a pest infestation. When nuisance pests get into your house, they put you and your loved ones at risk, and the best protection you have is ongoing services from the pest professionals.

Moyer Pest Control’s home pest control services in Gwynedd, PA offer year-round pest protection for local homeowners. Our service offering includes a long list of interior and exterior treatments, each one tailor-made to fit your needs. Our Exterior Home Guard Plan can be upgraded to our Complete or Platinum Home Guard plans, depending on the nature of your infestation and the conditions around your property. No matter your pest problem, we’re here to help. Call us today to learn more!

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Commercial Pest Control In Gwynedd, PA

If you own a business, you simply don’t have time to worry about nuisance pests. Unfortunately, that doesn’t stop these intruders from invading. Pest infestation is a real problem that can absolutely destroy a business, threatening its reputation, employees, and customers. To effectively protect your property and those who visit it, it’s crucial to seek out professional pest control services.

Moyer Pest Control’s commercial pest control solutions cover a wide range of facilities from pest infestation. Some of these properties include restaurants, schools, warehouses, property management, hotels, apartment complexes, retail stores, and many others. We are members of the regional Copescan alliance of pest management professionals, and we help prepare commercial properties for auditing services and third-party inspections.

Once we identify all pest activity and conducive conditions around your property, our pest experts come up with a treatment strategy just for you. We also provide detailed reporting to keep you informed every step of the way. 

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Guide To Minimizing Mosquitoes On Your Gwynedd, PA Property

Mosquitoes are vector pests that expose their victims to a long list of different illnesses. From Zika to West Nile, there are so many mosquito-borne illnesses that can be transmitted to you. Suddenly, these bloodsuckers have left you with much more than an itchy bite.

There are some preventative measures you can take to reduce your chances of getting bitten by mosquitoes. Firstly, always wear insect repellent when spending time outdoors. You should also wear long sleeves and long pants when possible, and get permethrin or DEET-treated clothing. Secondly, try to keep windows and doors closed. When they are open, make sure you have a protective screen that keeps insects from entering.

Another important thing to remember is to reduce sources of standing water. Mosquitoes lay their eggs in water, so it’s smart to eliminate potential breeding areas for them. The most reliable source of mosquito prevention is regular services from pest professionals. Call Moyer Pest Control today to hear more about our mosquito abatement and prevention treatments.


Three Practical Things You Can Do To Avoid Bed Bugs In Gwynedd, PA

It’s a no-brainer that we all want to do everything we can to avoid a bed bug infestation. It’s a nightmare that can quickly spin out of control. That’s why being proactive is so important. If you want to minimize your chances of experiencing a bed bug infestation, try the following three preventative tips:

  • Frequently wash and dry all of your clothing, linens, bedding, and sheets on high heat.

  • Reduce clutter around your living space to minimize potential harborage areas.

  • Inspect any new items entering your space, especially secondhand furniture and clothing.

The most reliable source of effective bed bug control services is help from the pest control experts. Here at Moyer Pest Control, our tried-and-true bed bug treatments guarantee a safe, infestation-free living space where you can rest peacefully all night. Call us today to get started!


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