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Everything You Need To Know To Protect Your West Chester Property From Termites

Termites In West Chester

The most destructive termites in the United States are subterranean termites. They are responsible for billions of dollars worth of property damage annually. If you'd like to not have your West Chester home be part of that statistic, you've come to the right place. Here's everything you need to know in order to protect your equity from the threat of these destructive insects.

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Know Your Enemy

There are a few things you should know about subterranean termites. These facts will give you the perspective you need to take the steps required to keep them from destroying your property.

  • Worker termites live in absolute darkness. They do not like the light and avoid it at all costs. This causes worker termites to be active in places that are difficult or impossible to get into, such as crawl spaces, or underneath decks or porches.

  • A worker termite has a thin skin. This skin requires moisture. If a worker termite is exposed to the air or to sunlight for too long, it will die. This causes termites to create shelter tubes up the sides of foundation walls. These tubes act as external tunnels. The workers will use these tunnels to go in and out of your property.

  • Termites are attracted to decaying wood. If you have sources of wood in your yard that are ideal for termites, you will lure these insects in close to your home. This might be a stack of construction materials, firewood, landscape trimming, an old fence, logs, sticks, etc.

  • Termite workers don't feed on one source at a time. They can feed on many sources both in your yard and in your home. If termites are attacking something in your yard, it is likely that they're feeding on your home as well.


The warning signs subterranean termite may give you are subtle at best. This is because of the traits listed above: their attraction to darkness, moisture, and the fact that they live in the ground.

Shelter Tubes — The mud structures that subterranean termites create on your foundation walls, and also on interior surfaces, are likely to be in dark, hidden places. As an example: If you go into a closet in search of a mud tube, be sure to look behind everything that touches the wall.

Swarmers — When a nest produces winged termites (called swarmers) these may appear on the outside of your property. These swarmers are only ⅜ of an inch long, so they are difficult to see when they are by themselves. If two swarmers come into your yard to mate, you aren't likely to know it. If you see hundreds of swarmers on your exterior walls, this can be an obvious sign. But swarms don't last longer than about 30 minutes. They are easy to miss.

Wings — If you miss the swarm, you may find lots of white wings littered about. These wings will be teardrop-shaped, and they will all be the same size. Check cobwebs for these wings. The webs spiders make are like nature's sticky traps.


If you see evidence of termite activity, we recommend that you contact a licensed termite control professional. Termites are a serious threat to the investment you've made. An expert will make sure your property does not continue to be at risk for damage. The worst issue with DIY termite control is that property owners don't know when their treatments have failed.

Proactive Control

The best way to protect your property from termite damage is to invest in termite protection now. At Moyer Pest Control, we offer liquid termite treatments and termite baiting solutions. Our licensed technicians use the most trusted products and the most advanced methods to safeguard properties. We also provide a re-treatment warranty that is renewable and transferable. Your property will always be protected.

If you have questions, or you'd like to begin service for your West Chester home, connect with us. We provide termite protection in West Chester and throughout Pennsylvania. The service team at Moyer Pest Control is looking forward to helping you keep your equity protected from the threat of subterranean termites. No home should ever be without this essential protection. Get yours in place today.

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