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Don't Believe Everything You Read About Bed Bugs

The Truth About Bed Bugs

The internet is filled with a nearly endless pool of useful information. There are audio programs, long and short videos, streaming videos, articles, magazines, and more. From them, you can find out that the temperature of Saturn can get as high as 21,000 F. You can find out that 44 Senate seats are held by Democrats and 54 are held by Republicans, and you can find out that Tom Cruise is 55 years old—a fact Tom is probably less than enthusiastic about.

You can't believe everything you learn on the internet, however. Here are some "bed bug facts" from the internet that you might be inclined to believe. Some are slight exaggerations; others are flat-out wrong. Either way, we think you'll find them interesting and useful to know:

a bed bug crawling on a bed inside of a home in pennsylvania

Bed Bugs Are Too Small To See

When bed bugs first hatch from their eggs, they are only about 1 mm in length. That's pretty small, but you can see them with the naked eye. This myth may have come about from someone mistaking bed bugs for mites. There are some mites that are so small that you can't see them. This myth also may have come about because of the way bites appear. When bed bugs bite, the bites don't always show up at first. It can take several hours for swelling and redness to occur. This can make it seem as if an invisible bed bug was doing the biting.

Bug Bugs Spread Disease

While bed bugs are definitely filthy, parasitic insects, they are not a known vector for any illnesses. When bed bugs get into homes, they don't pick up harmful bacteria from unsanitary locations like cockroaches do. They don't carry and spread diseases the way ticks and mosquitoes do either. Instead, they only torment us with numerous, irritating bites while we sleep. We say numerous because a single bed bug will bite multiple times while feeding, and bed bugs feed in groups.

Bed Bugs Only Live In Filthy Homes

This is a myth that goes back a long way, and it stems from two half-truths. One is sort of a chicken and egg issue: which came first, the dirty conditions or the filthy bed bugs? When bed bugs are discovered, dark brown or black streaks of feces and bloodstains are often found along with them, though these stains are usually found in hidden locations such as between mattresses and box springs where homeowners can't see them. So, it isn't the filth that lures bed bugs in, it's the bed bugs that create the filth.

The second half-truth is that bed bugs thrive in homes with unsanitary conditions. When there is a lot of clutter in a home, it makes it harder for people to see bed bugs crawling around and provides bed bugs with more hiding spots. Studies have shown that bed bugs are attracted to items of clothing that have been worn. If dirty laundry is left on bedroom floors, it can promote an increase in bed bug populations. It's also important to know that people who leave their clothes and belongings on the floor while traveling have a greater chance of picking up bed bugs. A combination of all of these things may have led to the misconception that bed bugs can only infest dirty homes, but that isn't the case. The truth is, bed bugs can live in the cleanest, up-kept homes as well as homes that are not as clean or well-maintained. Bed bugs will live anywhere they can find a blood meal.

Bed Bugs Only Infest Poorly Run Hotels And Motels

At the end of the 1990s when bed bug infestations started to appear again in the U.S. again, hotels and motels were hit hard. It isn't surprising that many people still think these are the only two places you have to worry about picking these bugs up. However, the truth is, you can pick up bed bugs at daycares, schools, libraries, movie theaters, clothing retailers, airports, taxis, buses, and other public places and modes of transportation. You can also pick them up just by going to work or visiting the home of a friend or family member. That is why it is important to learn how to identify bed bugs and recognize the signs they leave behind.

Dealing With A Bed Bug Infestation

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