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Pest Control For Chalfont, PA

Chalfont, PA residents know that their peaceful borough has some of the finest, simplest, and most idyllic pleasures that the Keystone State can offer. A centerpiece of the Delaware Valley, Chalfont is home to hundreds of distinguished historical landmarks and the birthplace of dozens of famous figures from the past. Its particular location along mountainous topographical peaks ensures that hot, humid summers and cold, wet winters are a common occurrence for the people, businesses, and visitors to the town. 

Although the winter season may be harsh, the extreme temperatures are not enough to chase away the vast number of pests that call Chalfont home. Sneaky rodents, hitchhiking bed bugs, and biting mosquitoes take the town by force during their seasonal, large-scale appearances. 

Working tirelessly to relieve our friends and neighbors from the pests that plague Chalfont, Moyer Pest Control is your local pest control company with a heart for maintenance and a passion for keeping properties protected from pests of all types. Get an inside look at the “Moyer Difference” today when you call or visit us in person at our offices in Telford or Newtown Square, PA, Lumberton, NJ, or Wilmington, DE. Together, let’s combat the pests of today to ensure a pest-free tomorrow.


Home Pest Control Solutions In Chalfont, PA

Moyer Pest Control takes pride in offering all residents of Chalfont the best pest protection plans on the market. These include:

  • The Exterior Home Guard: A plan for all your basic pest control needs.

  • The Platinum Home Guard: The perfect answer for your seasonal pest concerns and your overall budget.

  • The Complete Home Guard: An optimal home pest control plan combating all types of pests from seasonal rodent occurrences to pantry moths. 

For a free home inspection for all your Chalfont, PA residential pest control needs, speak with a Moyer Pest Control representative today. 

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Commercial Pest Control Solutions In Chalfont, PA

Moyer Pest Control doesn’t believe in compromises, which is why we bring only the best of the best to the business owners of Chalfont, PA.

  • Integrated Pest Management Systems, or IPM, will create an initial plan of attack against both preexisting and potential pest invasions.

  • Using holistic methods to protect the environment is always a priority in our treatment plans and product applications. 

  • We provide convenient and comprehensive online services to employers, including full-scale reporting, weekend after-hours servicing, and an online scheduling and payment system.

Protect your most significant investment today when you call and speak to one of our helpful enrollment professionals about getting started with commercial pest control services now.


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Guide To Avoiding Bed Bugs In Chalfont, PA

Contrary to popular belief, bed bugs are not particularly interested in dirty homes rather than clean ones. They simply want a comfortable place to sleep and a food source that can last them for years on end. Unfortunately, your home may be exactly what these creatures are looking for.
You can find Bed bugs in any place people gather, including dorms and universities, hotels and motels, and even nursing homes. Their tendency to feed during the night may make them difficult pests to spot, causing anemia, itching, and insomnia in their victims.
Although the hitchhiking behaviors of bed bugs make them hard to keep out of our homes or businesses, there are certain steps you can take to help keep them out.

  • Be on the lookout for signs of bed bug activity when traveling. Blood spots dribbled on sheets and pillows, small piles of exoskeletons, and a sweet or musky odor are some of the most telling signs.

  • Keep luggage and linens off the floor while away from home, storing bags high up on a wire shelf, or in a bathtub.

  • After returning from a trip, wash and dry clothing on the highest heat setting, even if you haven’t worn them all.

If you are concerned that some of the telling signs of bed bug activity are present in your home, immediately contact the professionals at Moyer Pest Control for a fast-acting bed bug control solution today.


3 Things Every Chalfont, PA Resident Ought To Know About Termites

Termites are destructive pests that cause hundreds if not thousands of dollars’ worth of damages to properties if left untreated.
Termite colonies need up to three years to grow before becoming fully mature, sending out scouting termites once a year to establish new colonies elsewhere. So, any neighboring termite presence can quickly become an infestation that is much too close to home.

Chalfont residents should know that termites:

  • Have dozens of species in the United States, with three active species found in the Pennsylvania area.

  • Damage is not covered under homeowners’ insurance unless stated explicitly in the policy.

  • Cause over five billion dollars in damages per year to homes and businesses.

For assistance confronting the termite menace that may be near your property, get help by reaching out to Moyer Pest Control for professional termite control now.


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