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Tips To Avoid Mosquitoes This Spring

Here we go again. It happens every year, like clockwork. In fact, it happens so faithfully, we have given it its own season. Mosquito season. And, this season those mosquitoes are going to be even worse, thanks to the mild winter we had. But, that isn't the worst part. The worldwide spread of the Zika virus has finally reached our shores. Last year, we saw two localized outbreaks of the Zika…

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Zika Virus Update

Mosquitoes are still very active and will remain active until at least the end of October in most parts of the country. Mosquitoes are known for transmitting many serious diseases including the West Nile virus; but the disease that has been in the headlines throughout this spring and summer is the Zika virus. The mosquito professionals at Moyer Pest Control want to provide you with some of the…

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Everyone Is Talking About Zika

There is a lot of press right now about the Zika virus, especially since it has become somewhat politicized. While we don't get into politics, it is important to note that this virus has sparked a political wildfire. One side is calling this an international emergency, while the other is urging people not to panic. But we'd like to point out that mosquito threats are nothing new. We've been…

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Zika Virus – A Mosquito-Borne Illness.

Moyer Pest Control, a member of National Pest Control Association, would like to share* some concerns over Zika virus.