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swarming trmites burrowing through a wooden structure on a new castle property



How To Tell If Termites Have Invaded Your New Castle Home

 Termites are dangerous pests. They invade homes and can cause catastrophic damage, all while remaining inconspicuous. Most of the time homeowners aren’t aware of an invasion until the destruction becomes so severe that it just can't go unnoticed; doors won't shut right, or the floor sags when you step on the boards. Moyer Indoor | Outdoor wants New Castle homeowners to know how to…

a large and full grown swar mof termites infesting a home in souderton as they leave costly damage behind



4 Factors That Could Put Your Souderton Home At Risk For Termites This Spring

Termites may be little, but they are a huge problem! Knowing the signs of termites can help with early detection, which is crucial if termites have infested your home. In this article, however, we want to start with the basics. How can you protect your Souderton home and prevent termites from coming in the first place?

termite colony in souderton



Is Your Souderton Home Protected Against Termite Threats?

If your Souderton home is not protected against the threat of termites, you could be leaving your home vulnerable to extensive structural damage and costly repairs. Each year, in the United States alone, home and business owners spend approximately $5 billion dollars because of termites.

termites on dirt



Should I Still Be Worried About Termites In My West Chester Home?

What is your favorite thing to do after a fun day out in the brisk air of fall? Are you one to cozy up next to the fire, wrapped in your fleece blanket, reading your favorite book? Or are you more of a hot chocolate and TV kind of homeowner. Either way, one thing is certain, a day out in the cold should always be ended in warmth. Termites feel the same way.

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