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a large colont of swarming termites burrowing through a wooden structure inside of a souderton pennsylvania home during early fall seaosn

It Takes Force to Remove Termites from Your Souderton Home   

October 9, 2019

Our region deals with one particular type of termite: subterranean termites. While vital to our ecosystem, termites are not welcome in our Souderton homes. They do billions of dollars in property damage every year. Termites are a pest that cannot be controlled or eradicated with DIY treatments. It takes force to remove them from your Souderton home in the form of professional termite control from Moyer Pest Control. ...

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Keys to Protecting Your Home from Termites

June 26, 2017

Here at Moyer Pest Control, we often get calls from customers because they are finding signs of pests in their home. Typically, they describe that there is a line of ants traveling through the kitchen, there is a wall of spider webs in the basement, or there is the pitter-patter of mice feet in the attic. While prevention is always best, pests usually show early signs of their existence and can usually be successfully eliminated before too muc...

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