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a stink bug crawling on a leaf

Souderton's Handy Guide To Effective Stink Bug Control

November 16, 2020

The majority of insects and creatures bite, scratch, sting or damage belongings in some manner.  Several can transmit illnesses because they carry bacteria on their bodies. At the very least, a bug or animal will aggravate you. Perhaps they’ll persistently swarm around you, crawl into food, or on your clothes. ...

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stink bug crawling along new castle home

When Are Stink Bugs Active In New Castle County?

February 27, 2019

If your home does not currently have a stink bug problem, that is great news. Your home has not fallen victim to overwintering stinkbugs that were seeking shelter from the cold last fall. This is awesome, but it does not mean your home will be safe this year as stink bugs return and begin invading homes, sometimes in large numbers. Here are some good things to know....

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stink bug in westchester home

Tips To Keep Stink Bugs Out Of Your West Chester Home

October 31, 2018

Brown marmorated stink bugs are an insect pest native to Asia, but are now commonly found in several areas within the United States. These repulsive creatures were introduced to the state of Pennsylvania back in the 1990’s, and have since exploded in population as they continue to reproduce and spread across the nation....

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