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a stink bug on a vibrant green leaf of a house plant inside a souderton pennsylvania home

Taking The Stink Out Of Stink Bugs In Souderton

September 13, 2019

Sometimes it can seem like stink bugs infest our homes to ruin our day. They don't spread any harmful diseases. They don't often bite and can't sting; but despite these things, they are still one of the more annoying pests to deal with. Why? Because no-one wants a smelly bug buzzing around their home. ...

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stink bug on a windowsill

Are You Ready For Stink Bugs?

April 26, 2018

During the winter, stink bugs may have been overwintering. Some of these bugs may even have used your home to overwinter within. Now that West Chester is seeing some warmer weather, these bugs will become much more active, including the ones in your home already. If they have not already entered your home, the increase of activity will naturally increase the risk of them doing so, so it is time to be on the lookout. Stink bugs can be quite a n...

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Homeowners Guide To Avoiding Stink Bugs

August 28, 2017

Now that fall is on its way, there are a few things that we can all count on. The changing of the leaves, the excitement of the first day of school, Halloween candy in the stores, and pests looking for a spot to spend the winter out of the cold. Frequently, the colder weather seems to sneak up on us, but you can bet that common overwintering pests will not be caught by surprise. They are instinctively already on the prowl for a cozy spot....

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stink bug waiting outside for chance to get indoor

The Stink Bugs Are Coming!

July 29, 2016

At Bunker Hill, on the 17th of June, 1775, Col. William Prescott--in an attempt to save on the last precious reserves of gunpowder--is said to have issued the command, "Don't fire until you see the whites of their eyes." But when it comes to stopping the invasion of stink bugs that will attack your home this fall, now is the time to start doing everything you can to keep them out. By the time you see the "whites their eyes," it will be too lat...

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