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a large wasp perched on a nest with its wings spred out on a west chester property



How Moyer Protects West Chester Homes From Summer Wasps And Yellow Jackets

The temperatures are warming up in West Chester, which means homeowners will be seeing a resurgence of stinging insects. Summer wasps and yellow jackets will begin to appear in spring and will reach their peak activity in June and July. From there they will continue to reproduce and, by the end of the season, there will be more stinging insects than you can count.

a large colorful stinging insect positioned to protect his nest on a souderton property



Keep Your Souderton Yard Free Of Stinging Insects In Spring

Every year without fail, winter buds into spring and stinging insects reemerge looking for new places to settle down and call home. Although it is true that we need many of these stinging insects such as bees for pollination and the health of our environment, we do not need these insects building their nests on our properties. When stingers such as wasps and yellow jackets build their nests close…

yellow jacket



Keeping Wasps And Yellow Jackets Out Of West Chester Homes And Yards

As we approach the end of the summer season, we begin to think about Labor Day picnics and wrapping up our summer fun with as many outdoor activities we can squeeze in! We also start forgetting about all those pests that bugged us all summer long as we think they’ll leave us alone soon. Unfortunately, our problems with stinging insects are far from over!

yellow jacket on hive



Are Yellow Jackets And Wasps Moving in?

Have you found that you have some new neighbors moving a little too close for comfort? Stinging insects like yellow jackets and wasps have a tendency to build nests right in close to your home or property. They can to build nests in the eaves around your home, in garages, sheds and attics. 

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