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Spring Pest Prevention Tips

When you hear the word "tip," what comes to mind? Tip, as in the tip of your tongue? Tipping the scales? Or maybe the kind of tip you leave for a server at a restaurant? While these are all perfectly fine "tips," in this blog, we will be talking about the kind of tips you can use to make your yard and your home less inviting to insects and animal animals this spring.




Why Do I Still Have Mice In The House?

"Okay. Winter is over. It is warming up outside. Why do I still have mice in my house?" You're not going to like the answer. But, understanding why those mice are still thumping around in your walls can help you see your home in a new light.




Silverfish: A Spring Pest Problem

When you think of spring pests, the more common ones come to mind. You know, like pavement ants, clover mites (also known as tiny red bugs), and stink bugs, and even mice that have become active after the long winter. Silverfish are not necessarily one you might lump into this group but can certainly be a problem in the spring (and fall too) for homeowners.

Image Of A Spring Pest



Pennsylvania Spring Pests

Procrastination, the art of waiting till the last possible second to frantically complete a task you’ve had plenty of time to do, has seldom worked throughout history. But there are some brave souls who have succeeded where others have failed. There’s a rumor of a grad student who, under the influence of 18 Red Bulls, completed his doctrinal thesis in the five hours before its due…

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