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The Sneaky Ways Mice Enter Our Homes

Mice can be adorable looking at times, maybe on television or in the pet store, and seem harmless enough. In reality, mice really cause many problems ranging from stress from the sight of them to the damage they can do in your home to the dangerous health concerns they can cause.

house mouse in bucket



Dangers Of Mice In The Home

Mice may not look like they could cause much of a problem; they are small, furry, and have big funny looking ears. What harm could they really cause? The mouse control pros at Moyer are here to tell you-a lot of problems-big problems!

mice eating food on kitchen counter



Things That Go Bump In The Night

Have you been having trouble going to sleep because you are hearing strange noises coming from inside your walls, or from your attic? Do you hear skittering, scratching, or other strange sounds? Perhaps you are worried that there is paranormal activity going on in your house? Well, chances are, those noises are most likely mice, not ghosts. But, just in the off chance that you don't believe us…

mouse inside the wall of a westchester home



The Dangers Of Westchester Mice

No one wants a pest infestation in their home - especially a rodent infestation. One very common pest to invade your home is mice. These small rodents can easily enter your house through gaps and holes in the exterior of the home, especially along ground level. Once inside the home they will search for food, water, and a place out of sight to build a nest. They will then reproduce and start a very…

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